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A bath temperature objective

Scalds from hot water and burns from hot pipes and radiators can cause serious injury or kill. Such incidents may be viewed as a failure to meet a statutory duty under the Health & Safety legislation, which could lead to prosecution of the Trust and/or individual members of staff. It is essential that great care be exercised at all times when patients, visitors or staff may come into contact with hot water or heating equipment.

Bath temperature elderly


The objectives of this policy are to ensure that a safe environment for patients and staff is provided by:

  • Ensuring the water temperature supplied in patient areas does nor exceed a safe maximum temperature.
  • Ensuring hot water supplied for domestic purposes in non-patient areas which exceeds the safe maximum temperature has a warning label displayed stating “Very hot water”.
  • Insulating or guarding hot water pipes, radiators or other hot surfaces.
  • Identifying and assessing vulnerable patients and ensuring the necessary procedures are in place to protect them against burns and scalds. Such patients will be denied access to sources of hot water and any hot surface that cannot be protected.
  • Ensuring beds are not placed where patients can roll or fall onto hot pipes.

Download the full report from: http://www.mhsc.nhs.uk/media/70751/safe%20bathing.pdf