Guardian Angel Carers was founded by former Olympic sailor, Christina Handasyde Dick (Bassadone). On hanging up her sails in 2010, she founded the domestic help company, Task Angels, on a house boat in Chichester Marina, West Sussex. As the Task Angel family grew a number of family friends turned to Christina looking for support for their elderly parents, such as assistance with medication, meal preparation and personal care. Christina recognised that there was a real need for a compassionate, professional, local home care company, and so Guardian Angel Carers was established in 2012, to provide companionship, tech and care, visiting care, overnight care and live in care to the community of West Sussex and Hampshire.

Having grown up and lived with both her Grandmothers at various stages and supported them through the last years of their lives, Christina has a good understanding of the challenges the older person and their families face.

She is passionate about a proactive and preventative approach to care and support at home, helping individuals retain their quality of life for longer. For each individual the support they require is unique, and we will do all we can to support you to live life your way.

Care Culture

“Often it is a series of events and experiences that shape the people we become, and where our values and motivators stem. I was lucky enough to be very close to both my Grannies growing up. Both lived incredible lives having been through the war era. They made me feel loved. They were special, like Grandparents are. Yet, a time came when things started to change, as the challenges of ageing set in.

I have this vivid early memory, walking down the street holding my mother’s hand, and seeing an elderly lady alone. She walked with a stick, was immaculately dressed, yet she had this expression on her face that I didn’t recognise. There was a huge pang in my heart, as I thought “who is going to hold her hand?”

With my Olympic background I’ve always had a sense of “how can we do things better?

About Guardian Angel Carers


Compassionate - A warm-heartedness and concern for the wellbeing of others.

Professional - We embrace efficiency through technology to deliver the highest quality care.

Friendly - Real people who engage in a human way.

Reliable - We keep our promises and do what we say.

Quality - A value that runs through all that we do.

Innovative - We continuously strive to do things better to support our clients and our people.

Guardian Angel Carers Logo

our 10 commandments:


We give everything we commit to 100 percent until we succeed. We are committed to the vision, mission, culture and success of Guardian Angel Carers, its current and future team, and its clients at all times.


We take responsibility for our actions and outcomes and own everything that takes place in our work and home life. We understand we are accountable for our behaviour and results.


We always speak the truth, and what we promise, we deliver. We communicate any potential broken agreements at the first opportunity, and clear up all broken agreements immediately.


Good isn’t enough. We always strive to deliver exceptional quality in all that we do. We look for ways of continuous improvement and innovation to deliver excellence to our home care clients and team.


We learn from our mistakes. We are committed to consistently learn, grow and develop our skills for the benefit of our clients, and our team.


We have a balanced approach to life, remembering that our family, spiritual, social, and physical aspects of life are just as important as intellectual and financial. We strive to complete our work and most important tasks first, so that we can have quality time to ourselves and with our families to renew.


We strive to continuously innovate and develop the care, systems and processes we use, to deliver the highest quality of care. We effectively communicate our learnings to help benefit the whole Guardian Angel Carers family.


We show compassion and empathy through listening and communicating effectively with others. We take time to consider the view point of an individual, taking into account their feelings, emotions and reasoning before responding.


We greet new and existing clients, their family or representative and our team in a friendly and approachable manner. The language we use both written and verbal is where possible jargon free, plain and friendly.

10. Gratitude

We take responsibility for our actions and outcomes and own everything that takes place in our work and home life. We understand we are accountable for our behaviour and results.


Great British Care Awards – Shortlisted for South East Care Employer Award 2020

Homecare.co.uk - Top 20 Home Care Group Award 2021

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