Introducing…Chichesters New Senior Carer

Introducing…Karren Freeman

Chichesters New Senior Carer

We are thrilled to introduce Karren Freeman, who joined our team of CareAngels in October 2020 as Chichesters new Senior Carer. She will be working with our team in a supervision role, supporting and encouraging her team with her expertise and 30 years of care experience.

Karren is currently Chichesters new Senior Carer, but over her long career, she has worked from the bottom up. As a supervisor and Senior CareAngel, Karren wears many different ‘hats’ but she always models the high standards of professionalism, attention to detail, and compassion that she expects from her team. She would never ask another carer to do something that she would not do herself.

Leading by example is Karren’s motto, and the smile she wears to work every day demonstrates the friendliness and authenticity that characterize her work with other people. Karren describes herself as “an open book” in terms of her communication style, and as an extrovert, Karren feels energized by her work with others. She loves to meet other carers and share their experiences; meeting with clients and their families always reminds her of the importance of her work.

Though her work in care is her life’s calling, Karren did not go looking to work in care at the start of her career. Her mother was a carer, and after her son was born, Karren needed a job that enabled her to work a flexible schedule. Karren had a friend whose mother had a nursing home in Littlehampton, so she began her career in care there. Karren also has a management background thanks to her work in housing developments, residential care homes, and as a care manager at Angel Care in Walberton. Karen has expertise working with adults with learning disabilities and with previously acquired brain injury. She is able to apply this expertise to her work with clients who have dementia. Decades later, Karren finds her work as a carer as rewarding as ever.

According to Karren, there is no work more gratifying than working in care and making a difference to people’s lives every day. She works hard to encourage the people in her care to feel positively about their lives and their experience at any given moment. Her ability to lift a spirit has the potential to change lives at the most important moments, and in these moments, she feels a sense of accomplishment. Karren recognizes that every action has a consequence-even the smallest gestures can have a big impact on a meaningful moment.

When Karren has free time, she spends time with her beloved animals and her family. Karren loves going for a walk in nature near her home in Yapton, which is the perfect location close to Slindon Woods where her three dogs can run free. Or if Karen isn’t out with the dogs you can find her taking her horse out for a long country ride. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her animals, her daughter, and her two granddaughters. Karren finds that there is a therapeutic side to her time with her animals; both her dogs and her horse have positive attitudes that she can rely on when she needs to manage her stress, so these relationships are very important to her.

As Chichesters new Senior Carer, Karren is involved in delivering supervision to her team of carers, spot checks, supporting the area care manager, and regular check-ins with clients and carers. She knows the technological side of the care industry well, making her an ideal fit for Guardian Angel Carers. Welcome, Karren! We are so glad you’re here.