Domestic & Companionship

Not ready for care?
How about some help with those hard to do chores at home

Domestic support

A little can go a long way, as the old saying goes, especially in terms of domestic support from Guardian Angel Carers. Let’s talk about how we can be most useful to you and your loved one so you can begin your relationship with us from within the comfort of your own home.

Together, we can discuss all the ways our Angels can be as helpful as possible. Our team can assist with any number of tasks around the house, both indoors and out, and we will always arrive with friendly smiles and pleasant conversation.

Our Angels are also qualified professional carers so if additional support would be helpful to you and your loved one, a seamless transition to a more comprehensive support system can be easily arranged.

We can help with:

Domestic cleaning

Clothes Washing


Changing bed linen

Dog walking

Cat feeding + Litter changes



Meal preperation


We all have a tendency towards community and interaction, and positive relationships are known to support good health. Talk with us about how Guardian Angel Carers can provide you and your loved one with quality conversation and companionship.

Though essential for many individuals, social outings and trips to medical appointments can be difficult to accomplish for those without easy access to suitable transport. We can make sure you and your loved one are able to keep up with hobbies and friendships, and we can also offer opportunities to enjoy a change of scenery or a meal at a restaurant. We have even accompany loved ones to family weddings and other occasions, which gives them the freedom to stay for a duration of time that best suits them.

Many say that the bonds of a relationship strengthen with conversation. We will always value and foster our connection with you and your loved one as we talk together about how we can best meet your needs.

Benefits and reasons for companionship support

  • Companionship can lift our mood, and outlook on life
  • Helps to keep the mind active, conversing and playing games
  • Provides respite and peace of mind for family carers
  • To drive and provide support for hospital & GP visits
  • Enjoy family events, and leave earlier than others if desired
  • Allows less mobile and non-drivers to enjoy old past times, such as theatre trips