Elderly Care and Early Intervention

When it comes to caring for our elderly loved ones, early intervention and prevention should be of utmost importance. This allows someone to stay in their home comfortably and prevents accidents and hospital stays.

What can be done to help?

It only takes some small changes to help support someone in their home to allow them to stay independent. Preventing slips, trips and falls is a major aspect of early intervention. This may include ensuring non-slip mats are in the bath/shower or installing handrails where needed. You may also consider painting a strip on outside steps so they can be identified as a step. Another major detail that shouldn’t be overlooked is the heating system, making sure it is working effectively in those cold months and that hot water is available.

Sometimes, bigger changes are needed, such as installing a walk-in shower. These are all details that allow someone to stay in their home for longer while avoiding any potential accidents. This will keep people out of hospitals and residential care homes.

A bit of additional support can go a long way too. Shopping, laundry, transport, vacuuming, and other domestic duties may be a bit harder in later years. A little help in these can keep a person happy and healthy in their own home. Carers are great for this kind of support system, having the expertise in supporting someone with their best interests in mind. They allow people to carry on with their lifestyle, including hobbies, and stay happier for it.

When should early intervention start?

You should never wait until an accident occurs before seeking help. Take small measures now to prevent these things from happening and promote a healthier, happier independent lifestyle. Start implementing small changes when you notice a little help is needed. Guardian Angels Carers are here to help with that early intervention, and our Peace of Mind service could be the perfect start. Our Task Angels are able to provide domestic assistance around the home, even the gardening! If a bit more support is needed, then our hourly care may be the perfect solution. If you are unsure, give our team a call to discuss your needs. We can work together to come up with the perfect plan for early intervention and prevention in the home.