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5 Ways Seniors Can Stay in Good Health Through Winter


13th September 2022

5 Ways Seniors Can Stay in Good Health through Winter

As we crawl towards the slightly colder months it is more important than ever to stay healthy, but we know the winter months can be challenging for anyone to stay in good health.

As the days start to get colder there are higher risks of sickness as well as outings starting to become more limited with slippery sidewalks.

With our top tips, there are numerous ways in which you can be more mindful about your health this winter.

1. Your diet.

More than ever, you want to be sure you’re eating your 5 a day of varied fruits and vegetables for adequate vitamins and minerals as well as limiting your junk food. By providing your body with the right nutrient you are giving your immune system the best chance to fight off illnesses. Additionally, a good diet will make your body stronger and more resilient during a fall. Your diet impacts other aspects of your health, so it is vital to pay attention to it!

2. Finding your footwear.

As the roads and sidewalks become slippery from frost and ice, more accidents can occur, so be sure to always wear the right shoes for the weather. Before heading out check the forecast and if rain, sleet or snow is a possibility, choose footwear that is non-slip, sturdy and warm. Adding this task to your routine before an outing can save you a fall and months or more in rehab trying to resolve an injury due to a fall.

3. Layer up.

Always aim to dress in layers, whether you are sat at home or outdoors. Layers will keep you warmer and are also easier to remove if you feel you are starting to overheat. For an aging loved one, it can be increasingly difficult to regulate body temperatures, so it is important to help them layer up to stay comfortable and in good health.

4. Keep the body active.

Winter months bring challenges to exercise but it’s important to keep the mind and body active. If getting outside to do a spot of shopping in Chichester city centre is too much of a challenge why not help your loved one participate in some stretching or yoga, this can be done through the world of technology and YouTube in the comfort of your own home.

5. Spend more time with friends and family.

Another challenge can be your emotional health. Many people can suffer from depression in the winter and the best way to proactively battle this is to spend dedicated time with family and friends. If you live alone, ask your family and friends to check in with you regularly so you have someone to talk to each day, whether by phone, in-person or through your computer.

If you or a loved one feels they may need a little help at home during winter then we can help support with a rage of services from domestic cleaning, companionship, through to visiting and live in care. Contact our friendly team at Chichester today for a little help at home.

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