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A big ‘thank you’ to Vegetology, who has brought the health benefits of sunshine indoors!


25th November 2022

Bring a little sunshine indoors!

This winter, more than any other, we all need a little extra vitamin D. Usually, sunshine and a balanced diet can provide us with sufficient vitamin D, but we need to spend enough time outdoors to experience the health-giving benefits of sunlight.

We can create our own vitamin D when sunlight comes into direct contact with our skin during the spring, summer and autumn months. During the winter months, many of us must depend on supplements containing vitamin D to get the nutrients we need; this is especially true right now, when so many of us are staying home in order to stay safe.

Vegetology has saved the day with a generous donation of vitamin D to our team of CareAngels here at Guardian Angel Carers, and we are so grateful. Our CareAngels work tirelessly to meet the needs of everyone in our care community, and we so appreciate Vegetology’s donation to help our CareAngels look after their own health. After all, even our excellent carers need to be cared for sometimes!

As well, thanks to Vegetology, we are now more aware of the health benefits of vitamin D. Read on to learn more about vitamin D and its role in maximising our health and wellbeing.

Why is vitamin D so important?

Vitamin D is essential to the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. In the later years of life, vitamin D deficiencies can lead to or exacerbate bone problems like osteomalacia, or bone pain, and osteoporosis. Without vitamin D, the body cannot absorb calcium, which prevents bones from softening and/or becoming porous.

As well, vitamin D helps muscles to function at their best, which is an important concern at all stages of life. Vitamin D has also been linked to the immune system. Youths and adults of all ages can benefit from the immune system support vitamin D can provide.

What else can vitamin D do?

Recent studies have detected a link between vitamin D and the lowering of blood pressure as well as the possibility that vitamin D can act as an inhibitor for cancer cells. Researchers and doctors are also gathering more information about the defensive properties of vitamin D, which will enhance our understanding of how vitamin D can support the immune system.

What are some good sources of vitamin D?

As mentioned above, sunshine and supplements are excellent sources of vitamin D, but you can also find some vitamin D in various foods that contribute to a well-balanced diet. Oily fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel contain vitamin D, as well as red meat and liver. Vegetarians can find vitamin D in egg yolks and mushrooms. Many foods are fortified with vitamin D like breakfast cereals and breads, and some brands of orange juice and milk contain vitamin D.

So there you have it. Vitamin D is clearly an important element when it comes to our health. Thanks again Vegetology, for both your generous gesture and for raising our awareness as we look forward to spring sunshine and more time outdoors with family, friends and other members of our community.

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