Why Live-In Care Can Be More Beneficial Than Residential Care

Live-in Care Chichester When it comes to care there are a host of options that can be considered and we at Guardian Angel Carers can support with anything from domestic cleaning to live-in care. With our Chichester branch Located in Apuldram, Chichester, West Sussex we can support the surrounding locations from, Birdham, Bosham, Bognor Regis, Hunston, Funtington, pagham and Selsey to name a few.

We understand that when extra help is needed, some families may think that residential care is the only answer. This isn’t the case at all! Live-in care may be a more suitable approach to providing support, and it comes with a whole host of benefits for the client and their family.

The benefits of live-in care

97% of people prefer to stay in their homes for as long as they can. Live-in care makes that possible. It allows a client to stay as independent as possible in a setting they are familiar with. This can be perfect for someone who is living with dementia as new settings and schedules can be confusing and even frightening. Residential care homes tend to have their own schedules and activities. These may not be to everyone’s liking or what they’re used to.

With live-in care, you can have peace of mind that a professional has the client’s best interests in mind. The same routines are kept and friends are met in a relaxed accustomed environment. Live-in care is there to give support when needed, both routinely or in unexpected times, while the client continues with everyday life, doing the things they love on their own time. Live-in care will assist with freshly cooked meals, personal care, shopping, and more.

How Guardian Angels can help

Staying in a familiar setting but with the extra support from live-in care can be a safer, more relaxed alternative to residential care. Guardian Angels Carers offers a quality live-in care service that not only tends to all the client’s needs, but our CareAngels also offer companionship and compassion all while providing care from the comfort of home. Guardian Angel Carers are members of the Live-In care Hub, for more information on the benefits of live-in care, please read the Better at Home report here.

If you would like more information on the service that Guardian Angel Carers can provide, please check out our Live-in care services page or contact us where we will be happy to help.