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How our home care keeps you safe and well

COVID-19 has seen us roll-up-our sleeves and think things through in unprecedented ways to continue to deliver home care services that put safety and wellbeing at its core for all our home care clients, CareAngels and families.

Our home care ethos is to take a positive approach, responding to put in place systems and processes that go above and beyond. Our HQ and incredible CareAngels are kept updated daily, on government guidelines and informed of any directions provided by both the NHS and World Health Organisation. Plus, CareAngels have access to plentiful PPE.

We are also collaborating with families to ensure all our behaviours are aligned, and understood, to keep those we love safe and well. We have also taken action in our local communities to create initiatives that can help those who are vulnerable or isolated.

We are ready to help with ongoing home care needs, whatever the care requirement, and can step in to offer short or longer term home care services for those who have experienced COVID19 who want help at home to recover and get well.

You can read our latest blog about our COVID19 safety and wellbeing responses here.

Guardian Angel Carers and our COVID-19 conducts

Our care is conducted to the highest standards to meet the COVID-19 guidelines. We can assure our clients that the steps we have taken and contingency plans we have in place, are all designed to ensure the safe and effective delivery of our all our home care services throughout the crisis.

Ongoing training on infection control

All CareAngels are regularly updated and trained on infection control. It helps us to understand the implications of how the virus is spread and to manage your care better.

Government legislation and guidelines

We continue to update and communicate with all members of our team, where necessary on a daily basis, to inform them of changes to government legislation. Our systems and processes are monitored and adapted to ensure the sustained, safe delivery of care.

Taking all the necessary precautions

All CareAngels have personal protective equipment (PPE): uniforms (that can go on high temperature washes), plus, disposable gloves, aprons, face shields and surgical masks (whenever required).

We have created four scenarios that we all follow when carrying out our home care duties:

1 – Safety for home care clients requiring personal care

If a CareAngel is in contact with the client for personal and medical care reasons, they must wear:

  • disposable gloves
  • disposable plastic apron
  • fluid repellent (type IIR) surgical mask
  • eye protection

2 – Safety for ‘at risk’ clients or when exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms

If a CareAngel provides care for an ‘At Risk’ home care client or someone in their household exhibits COVID-19 symptoms they must wear:

  • disposable gloves
  • disposable plastic apron
  • fluid repellent (type IIR) surgical mask
  • eye protection

3 – Safety under the recommended social distancing guidelines

If it is not possible to observe the two-metre social distancing measures and no physical contact duties are required, and no one in the household has COVID-19 symptoms, nor is ‘at risk’, our CareAngels must wear:

  • type II surgical mask

4 – Confirmed and positive cases of COVID-19

If a client is confirmed with COVID-19, we create a small ‘ring fenced’ cell of CareAngels who only provide care for that individual. Those CareAngels must wear:

  • fluid repellent type IIR surgical mask (at all times)
  • overalls
  • disposable gloves
  • eye protection

If a CareAngel develops symptoms, they will be tested, and expected to self-isolate as per the guidelines. If a home care client has been in contact with them, we will notify them immediately, advise on the procedures to follow and provide any necessary support.

Minimising the risk of COVID-19 spreading

We have created home care “cells”, to ensure that there is only a small group of CareAngels working with a small group of clients to minimise potential spread of COVID-19.

Caring for positive COVID-19 cases

If a home care client tests positive with COVID-19 their CareAngels will “ring fence”, with them and no longer provide care support to any other client to eliminate any possible spread until it is safe to do so.

Any CareAngel, staff member, or member of their household who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms will take a test and self-isolate until such a time it is safe for them to return. Any home care client that has been provided care with them will be notified immediately, advised on the procedures to follow and offered any necessary support.

Taking Care of Our CareAngels

Our CareAngels are at the frontline, and we take great pride in their fortitude and compassion to continue with their home care duties. If they become unwell with COVID-19, our team will provide them with support, food and essential supplies where needed, whilst maintaining safe distances.

We have also provided guidance to our team on boosting their immune systems and have issued free vitamin D tablets to our entire team, thanks to Vegetology.

CareAngel Recruitment

There has been a fantastic response to our recruitment campaign and we are currently confident that we can welcome new clients and/or increase care packages for our existing home care clients as required.

All new staff will be reference checked, and have an enhanced DBS (police check), as well as having attended our mandatory training. For more details please see here.

Client and family visiting guidelines

We have communicated with and written to all our home care clients about how they can help us to support our COVID-19 efforts.

We respectfully ask that all home care clients allow CareAngels to prioritise hand washing immediately upon arrival and not to receive visitors whilst our CareAngels are present to reduce risks.

Our CareAngels are also happy to facilitate FaceTime or WhatsApp video calls with family and friends who are unable to visit at this time. We also have spare tablets available should any of our team not be able to do this through their own smartphones.

Extending our flexible home care service

Many are looking for a little extra home care support at this time, when shops, appointments and social gatherings are hard to organise. Our friendly phone call services, support with tech-enabled care and help with shopping and meal deliveries can be a great help.

We can also provide full time live-in home care that adapts to your needs, whatever the care requirement.

Home care services for COVID-19 recovery

We know that recovery from COVID19 will also need support. So, our CareAngels are trained to know and be able to support people recovering from COVID-19 following a hospital stay.

Our home care services can be used for you to convalesce in the comfort of your home and provide reassurance to those recovering from the virus to regain their confidence and get well.

If you, or a family member, needs some support during the Pandemic we invite you to get in touch and find out more about how we can help you to safely get the home care help you need.

With a background of supporting the elderly and vulnerable for the past decade, here are a series of short videos to help support the local communities efforts. Over the coming days/weeks we will update our videos to keep in line with best practise known in our industry and latest Government guidelines, which we are monitoring continually. In addition, we will post more topical videos as the situation develops. If you have any questions we can assist with please email Thank you.

Disclaimer: the videos have been put together quickly to support a very rapidly evolving situation, where I have said she, I also mean he. We are an organisation that fully supports equality, diversity and inclusion.


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