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Bespoke Home Care Services | How You Can Receive Care


13th September 2022

Care at home and how you can receive care

Here at Guardian Angel Carers, we like to say that home truly is where the heart is. With this trusty old adage in mind, all of the CareAngels on our team look forward to being by your side, in the comfort of your own home, at whatever hours of the day (or night!) suit you best. After all, we know that home care is the best alternative to residential care, and we take pride in providing the best care at home for you and your loved ones throughout West Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire.

We know care at home is best

Because we understand that 97% of people in the UK prefer to receive care at home, we offer a number of home care services from which you and your loved ones can choose. Our CareAngels are all highly trained and trustworthy, providing warm and sociable companionship services as well as reliable live in care services and overnight care at home. Our tech enabled care solutions are ideal for individuals who are not yet ready for regular visiting or live in care, and we offer three different tech enabled care packages that provide virtual care support in the comfort of your own home.

Care at home from a friendly chat to personal care

Our CareAngels provide friendly home care with a smile, tending to household needs like domestic cleaning and shopping as well as more intensive needs like medication support and personal care. Our live in and overnight services offer peace of mind around the clock whilst our tech enabled care services provide additional support and security, all in the comfort of home. All of these approaches to home care have been designed with your independence and quality of life in mind.

Customised compassionate care

Choosing care at home services with Guardian Angel Carers means you have chosen our special brand of customised compassionate care. As soon as you feel that Guardian Angel Carers home care services may be a good fit for you or for your loved one, we engage in a thoughtful and personal assessment process. This assessment helps us to determine what kind of home care services suit your needs the best.

Throughout these early stages of our relationship, we will invite you to state your unique home care needs and preferences, which we will note. We have found that this bespoke approach to care at home is the one that offers our clients the most reassurance and the most support. Thanks to the time we take to tailor all individual care plans, we can adapt to changing needs and circumstances quickly, without too much disruption to you or to your loved one’s precious routines.

We are so proud of the many personal touches we incorporate into all of our interactions with our clients. Our favourite activities involve the many efforts we make to bring a smile to our families’ faces. If you feel our home care services may be suitable to you or to your loved one, please contact Guardian Angel Carers for more information, and a member of our friendly staff will be delighted to answer any of your questions.

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