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Live-In Home Care – Bespoke Care Services Fareham and Gosport


13th September 2022

Live In Home Care - Fareham and Gosport

Here at Guardian Angel Carers, we incorporate all of your requirements and preferences into your customised care plan in order to ensure that you are getting exactly the support you need, when you need it. For this reason, our live in home care services are, for many families in our community of Fareham and Gosport, the best alternative to residential care.

Our live in CareAngels prioritise your safety and independence with the best compassionate live in home care services. We can offer all with minimal disruption in the comfort of your own home. Our dedication to your happiness and comfort is reflected in our values, and we strive to meet the needs of our community with genuine warmth and high standards of home care. Here is more information about our live in home care services.

Live in home care offers full-time peace of mind

Our live in care services provide you and your loved ones with compassionate care at all hours of the day. During the day, your CareAngel will tend to household tasks, indoors and out, like cooking and tidying, and your CareAngel will be ready to greet you first thing in the morning with a smile. Our live in care services are deliverable around the clock, providing relief for family members as well as friendly companionship for loved ones, reliable support and regular personal care, and the crucial know-how required to ensure that individual healthcare needs are met on a daily basis.

Our live in care plans empower our clients to live at home as independently as possible, for as long as possible

With live in home care, you and your loved ones can count on daily experiences characterised by a sense of independence and dignity, thanks to the compassion, warmth, and empathy of our team of highly trained CareAngels. We tailor care plans according to the needs of each individual in order to maintain a sense of continuity as well as a feeling of mutual respect. Our live in home care services guarantee that the person receiving care is in charge, as our CareAngels are happy to accommodate any exercise needs, desires for social visits at home and beyond, even pet care and meal preferences.

We customise our approach of care to meet the needs of individuals

For all of us at Guardian Angel Carers and for our team of CareAngels, effective and frequent communication is the key to successful live in care. We meet the communication needs of all the individuals in our care and their family members with care technology solutions that enable regular check-ins as well as frequent reassuring phone calls. As well, we customise every care plan in order to ensure that all of our live in home care clients are able to live according to their own preferences and schedules. We are proud of our flexible approach to live in home care, as it allows us to adapt quickly to changing situations and special circumstances.

Live in care involves some of our most unique and personalised approaches to home care. Please call us or send us a note if you would like to ask any of our friendly staff member any questions about the home care services, we provide to the Fareham and Gosport communities.


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