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Springtime has arrived to Fareham!


25th November 2022

Care In Fareham As Springtime Arrives

As the weather improves, we all look forward spending more time outdoors. The Fareham Borough Council is similarly-minded, as they are creating a new programme of walks every two months with the Fareham Volunteer Centre. Looking for an adventure a little further afield? The tranquil Wickham Water Meadows are a short drive away from central Fareham, and there, you can enjoy a beautiful riverside stroll or a lovely rest on a bench with a book or a magazine. Our CareAngels are more than happy to accompany you and your loved ones on any of these beautiful strolls around Fareham and the surrounding areas. Even better, our companionship services offer much more than assurances of safety and comfort. We can deliver care visits on a daily or a weekly basis, and if your needs change at all this spring or in any of the upcoming months, our Fareham CareAngels can adapt your care plan and adjust your schedule of home visits to take place more or less frequently.

Care in Fareham with Springtime Walks

In Fareham, we are looking forward to other benefits of spring. Rain is less likely at this time of year in Fareham, and we welcome the sunshine as we tend to your household tasks and run your errands in town. All of our CareAngels are careful drivers who have all the requisite safety measures in place to transport you and/or your loved ones around town to medical appointments and any upcoming social events that are deemed safe and appropriate as lockdown restrictions ease. As the Fareham High Street starts to open up again, the historic centre of town will surely soon be buzzing as we all visit our favourite shops and tea rooms on Union Street, Wickham Road, West and East Street. Unsure if you should be outdoors at this time this year? We can help you understand what the safest approach might be for you and your loved ones, so just give us a call to talk with a CareAngel and find out more.

Care in Fareham Local to You

Our Guardian Angel Carers home care branch in Stubbington offers home care in Fareham and Gosport areas, and our team of home care specialists and CareAngels are looking forward to bringing our services, as rated by the Care Quality Commission, to you and your loved ones. We have enjoyed many seasons of success in Surrey, Hampshire, and West Sussex, and our expansion into Fareham has been met with great enthusiasm by the community. Please contact us directly with any questions or pop into our branch on Stubbington Green for a friendly chat with one of our CareAngels for more information.


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