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13th March 2023

A Day in the Life: Lesley Messam, Team Leader


“Having a great day is knowing all my clients are well and happy and that I have given them the best of me and in return they give me the best of them.”

Is a career in care for you?

All of our CareAngels do amazing work, so we have decided to spotlight a few of our staff members and share their stories so you can understand why we value all of our CareAngels as much as we do. Today’s article shines the spotlight on Lesley Messam, one of our Team Leaders, who recently told us about her background as well as what she loves most about her work as a CareAngel.

Paid to retrain, giving you the confidence as well as know-how

Previous to working with Guardian Angel Carers, Lesley had no background in care, but she soon found out that the training gave her confidence as well as know-how. Thanks to this extensive preparation, Lesley now has all the knowledge and skills that she needs, as well as the confidence to deliver compassionate care and to start building genuine relationships built on dignity and respect with her clients. Thanks to the supportive and compassionate work environment that characterises Guardian Angel Carers, Lesley knows that advice and support are always available. As well, she appreciates that Guardian Angel Carers makes the effort to show appreciation for the work all of their Team Leaders and CareAngels do.

I went from working in retail to becoming a CareAngel

Before Lesley started her career in care, she worked for a family-owned DIY shop in Chichester. She enjoyed working with the customers who came into the shop, so after the DIY shop closed, she specifically sought out a profession that enables her to work with people. Lesley tried waitressing for a short time, and when she started working in the care industry, she quickly learned that it was a perfect fit for her personality and her ambitions.

What a day in the life of being a carer looks like for me

As a home carer for Guardian Angel Carers, Lesley starts her day early at 5:45am. Rising early gives Lesley the opportunity to start her day well, and she has the support of her husband, who reliably makes her a cup of tea every morning, as well as a flask to take with her when she goes. Lesley spends her day visiting her clients at their homes and supporting them in a wide variety of ways. Some days, she offers support in the form of cleaning, tidying, and tending to other household needs, and she can support medical needs as well, like giving medication, personal care, and ensuring that all clients are feeling well within themselves. At the end of her work day, Lesley goes home to a home-cooked meal prepared by her husband, and they share their impressions of their day.

For Lesley, the best days at work as a carer involves knowing that clients are well and happy, while the hardest days take place when a client has had a fall or is feeling very unwell. During some of the most challenging moments with clients, Lesley was careful to prioritise the client’s comfort and sense of calm as they waited for help to arrive.

Lesley appreciates that every day is different, which makes for lots of variety in her professional life. She particularly loves the companionship element of home visits, as she can sit, chat, and laugh with clients to develop their relationship and rapport. Lesley describes one relationship she has with one of her clients: this client is 96 years old, and whenever Lesley arrives to her home, her client insists that she look after Lesley for a moment by making her a cup of tea. Lesley’s hopes for the future involve the health and wellness of her clients, all of whom Lesley hopes will stay fit for many more years to come.

Every day, Lesley exhibits the qualities she has identified as key to the success of working as a carer. These qualities include friendliness, versatility, and the ability to think quickly, especially when challenges arise. Because companionship is such an important part of her work, Lesley also identifies listening skills and communication skills as critically important to working as a carer. Lesley thinks too of her own parents and the level of care quality she would want them to receive when she works with her clients, which personalises the care she gives and keeps her focused on the important relationships she develops with clients every single day.

Join us and have a rewarding career in care

Our approach to home care is person-centred, which means that our range of different domiciliary home care services are tailored to our client’s specific needs. And like Lesley you do not need experience to join our team of CareAngels, just a kind, and caring nature with the ambition to learn and grow. Contact our recruitment team today to see if a career in care is for you.

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