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Caring for Our Carers – Guardian Angel Carers


16th September 2022

Caring for our carers

Main Image AltOur team of compassionate CareAngels is the heart and soul of our organisation, and that’s why caring for our carers is a top priority here at Guardian Angel Carers. Each and every one of our CareAngels possesses a unique capacity for compassion, responsiveness and reliability, and they excel at caring for others; they have all committed themselves to relationship-based work that is both highly rewarding and highly demanding. We aim to guard these special qualities of our CareAngels with a number of in-house self-care and wellbeing programs, all specially selected to keep our carers as healthy and happy as possible.

Tina Homer, our Human Resources Manager based at Guardian Angel Carers headquarters in Chichester, is passionate about self-care, and it is thanks to Tina and to other members of the Guardian Angel Carers team that we have such a thriving support network for our carers. As a mental health coach, Tina knows that a person’s sense of wellbeing can influence how they experience both their professional and personal relationships.

You are never alone

As soon as CareAngels begin their career in care with Guardian Angel Carers, they understand that they are never alone and that support is never far away. Caring for others is not always easy, so Tina ensures that all carers are aware of a listening group they can attend with Tina. This is a place where CareAngels can share their feelings and experiences and seek encouragement, reassurance and sometimes advice from other carers attending the open forum. Wellbeing checks are also conducted via direct phone calls to carers so that they know we are here for them as they do the hard work in our communities that make us all so proud to be part of Guardian Angel Carers. After about six weeks, Tina checks in again, asking new CareAngels for feedback regarding their experience thus far through an anonymous survey. This feedback, all provided by new carers, is invaluable, and Tina uses the information she receives to inform any further programs she develops to offer support and to encourage wellbeing amongst our team of CareAngels.

Wellbeing resources to help them feel healthy and happy

New CareAngels also learn that Guardian Angel Carers provides other wellbeing resources to help them feel healthy and happy in their work lives. Confidential therapy sessions and health-related courses with Chichester Wellbeing and supportive wellbeing practices with Happy Heads are just two examples of the resources we offer our CareAngels. These resources give CareAngels, at all stages of their careers, valuable support as well as information about stress, mental health, healthy eating, sleep and other self-care topics. We have also fostered links with Time to Talk, a therapy service, and this service is available for carers who desire more in-depth support from experts in the mental health field. Guardian Angel Carers also provides a wellbeing suite of internet-based resources for our CareAngels to access any time of day or night. There, everyone can access a number of apps to support home practices around yoga and mindfulness, like the popular app Headspace.

We know our CareAngels work tirelessly to replenish the proverbial vessels of all members of our community, so we seek to replenish theirs as best as we can. We are so proud of our CareAngels and everything they do, so we look after them, filling their vessels up to the brim so they are confident and ready to share their compassion with our communities.

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