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Guardian Angel Carers Awarded Top 20 Home Care Group 2021


13th September 2022

Guardian Angel Carers Awarded Top 20 Home Care Group 2021

Guardian Angel Carers has recently received word that we are a Top 20 Rated Home Care Group for 2021 in the UK. This award comes from the leading home care review site,, where home care clients and their family members and friends can publicise their feelings about their home care experiences. We are especially proud of this Top 20 award because it is based on real reviews, and we know the designation reflects the sincere opinions of our clients and their loved ones. Competition was fierce, as over 9,500 care providers are registered with, which makes the news of our Top 20 award all the sweeter.

According to, the Top 20 Home Care Group awards in the UK are based on the Review Score, which tallies up all of the reviews of the previous year from clients and their friends and family members. Our team of exceptional CareAngels received five stars for the quality of care and support they provide and for the dignity and respect that guide all aspects of their work with our clients and their loved ones. We thank our entire team for all their hard work and for their incredible dedication to the health and happiness of all of our clients, especially throughout the challenges of the recent months.

In their reviews, many clients and their loved ones lauded the efforts of Guardian Angel Carers to prioritise their safety throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. Both the reliable use of PPE as well as the flexibility of our team impressed clients and their family members. We are so pleased to know that the responsiveness and the attention to detail we cultivate on a daily basis is helpful to the individuals who benefit from it the most.

As well, the friendliness, respectfulness, and kindness of our CareAngels were often noted in the reviews. As Guardian Angel Carers aims to go above and beyond in all of our endeavours, we are so glad to find out that our warmth, our friendliness, and our attention to detail are noticed. As well, we are pleased that all of our CareAngels’ efforts to become honorary members of our clients’ families are so well-received by our home care clients and their loved ones.

For over ten years now, Guardian Angel Carers has been providing compassionate care to the South East of England. Between our branches in Chichester, Worthing, and Fareham and Gosport, and our franchisees in Spelthorne and Farnham, we are thrilled that our CareAngels can deliver our unique brand of compassionate home care to as many clients and their loved ones as possible. And now that we are one of the Top 20 Rated Home Care Groups in the UK with, we can only look forward to an exciting future ahead.

If you are interested in learning more about Guardian Angel Carers, please contact a member of our friendly staff. We are always happy to talk about how we can best offer you support. Guardian Angel Carers are by your side, in the comfort of home, ensuring you are as comfortable as possible, for as long as possible.

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