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Life Changing Technology For The Elderly – Home Care


13th September 2022

Life changing technology for the elderly


Giving you peace of mind

Technology is a changing wold but a positive light as it can give you and your elderly loved ones peace of mind. With every updated system and every upgraded device, many of us who choose to engage with technology are continuously amazed by what objects can do to make our lives easier and safer. No matter how you feel about the effects of technology on our world, there is no doubt that some advancements in technology can change lives for the better. Here are a few examples of advanced technology-reliant products that can make life easier, and in some situations, safer, for us and for our loved ones.

Mobility improvements

Stairlifts can make life at home easier and less risky if your mobility or the mobility of your loved one is compromised in any way. A multitude of options are available to you, ranging from bespoke stairlifts, straight or curved stairlifts, even outdoor stairlifts for anyone who hopes to continue to enjoy a garden or terrace setting.

Communication technology has also advanced so voice recognition software might prove to be enormously helpful to you and your loved ones if using a keyboard or touch screen is challenging. This kind of software enables users to set reminders on smart home devices and allow users to enter text without having to type.

Bath hoists and lifts may also make life easier, and some are operated by battery or electricity while others have a lever function for ease of use. Comfortable and safe and available at a range of price points, a technology-assisted bath apparatus may be an interesting solution for your home.

Memory helpers

Key finders like Tile and other locator devices work well when small sensors are attached to small, easily lost items in regular use, like keys, wallets, reading glasses, and mobile phones. Some sound an alarm when prompted, alerting the owner to the object’s whereabouts, while others connect to an app on a smartphone.

Specialist clocks that display the time, as well as the day of the week, can be useful. Some memory clocks on the market are able to be programmed with reminder messages about appointments, medications, or other important events at various points throughout the day.

Stove alarms are a particularly ingenious device that can adapt to your cooking patterns and ‘learn’ when you might have forgotten to turn off your cooker. The alarm sounds, for example, when the oven has been on for too long or when the temperature goes up too high.

Safety aids

Ensure the safety of your loved with technological aids like a camera that enable you to observe your loved one at home and stay in touch with an attached speakerphone. Some cameras offer a live-stream option as well as a playback function. Being elderly can make you feel lonely and vulnerable so with this simple safety aid you can feel isolated no more.

Wearable alert systems that communicate with medical professionals in the case of an emergency or with other monitoring devices can also give you and your family members peace of mind. Similarly helpful are GPS trackers and other kinds of monitoring devices for drivers that keep an eye on acceleration rates and speed as well as car maintenance needs.

Automatic pill dispensers that sound an alarm whenever it is time to take a medication helps anyone who needs reminders when it comes to important prescriptions and vitamins. Some dispensers can alert the user up to six different times in one day.

As we get older our bodies start to work in other ways and when becoming elderly things that once were so simple can become a challenge but through technology being elderly doesn’t always have to be a challenge in what we do. This shortlist mentions only a few of the most helpful objects out there. Contact us here at Guardian Angel Carers if we can help you make any decisions around your loved one’s care.

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