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The Future Of Care


15th September 2022

The Future of Care - Positive thoughts.

Main Image AltThe future of care is wide open. Current topics around the future of care that might be on your mind, and the minds of your loved ones, could include social care funding, how to ensure the older population lives healthfully, and technologies that can improve health and wellbeing while fostering independent living. Maintaining a community and links with friends and family are also important topics as well as what standards of care might look like.

Interestingly, a lot of people are thinking about these topics and others as they relate to the future of care, so much so that back in July of 2019, the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee launched an inquiry into the specific topic of ageing in the UK. This inquiry will look at care-related concerns like technology and science as well as the potential of government policy’s effect on the health and wellbeing of the older population.

Because care will change as the times change, the future can bring feelings of anticipation as well as feelings of anxiety. Here are some positive thoughts about the future of care that you might find rather reassuring.

The future of care perceptions are changing

More and more people are willing to receive care services when they get older, which means that the perception of care is improving. As technology improves and community-minded wellbeing arrives to the forefront as a top priority for caregivers, the perceptions around care can only get even better. And as more people benefit from care, standards can only go up, which means that the future of care is looking bright.

With more options available, standards go higher

From an economic point of view, more choice usually means benefits. In the world of care, needs and preferences can be highly varied, and as competition grows, prices often lower and/or quality improves. Because the population of people needing care or soon-to-be needing care is growing, so are the options for care. Thanks to this growth in the care industry, there is more competition, which serves the customer well.

Improvements in technology mean improved well-being

Technology is a fast-paced industry, and news of improvements in various products and softwares seem a regular occurrence. Fortunately for the world of care, many technological improvements directly and positively impact products that make life easier and safer. Devices that are always developing, for example, include monitoring systems that make in-person checks on a person’s safety unnecessary, thanks to sound sensors and acoustic monitoring. With systems like these in place, a person or a couple can live according to their own schedules, with fewer undesired interruptions and interferences.

The future of care is becoming more focused on community

More and more, the care industry is placing its focus on a philosophy of freedom, operating from the mindset that care should be about a life well-lived whenever possible. Community-minded care cultivates relationships and connection, both of which improve feelings of confidence and stability, which are linked with a sense of freedom. Medical research has demonstrated that an individual’s sense of freedom and independence supports strong mental and emotional health which support, in turn, optimal physical health. Clearly, the world of care understands the mind- body link, and as more services become more community-oriented, the future can only look brighter and brighter.

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