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Overnight Care

Uniquely tailored care in the comfort of your own home

With Guardian Angel Carers, we’re there for you, day and night. Many clients use our overnight care service to ensure quality care and have some reassurance at night. But it’s also a helpful resource for caretakers that occasionally need a break.

Do you simply not want to be alone at night? Or do you have specific care needs? For this and more, our CareAngels are the ones you can trust to provide quality assistance. And all while in the comfort of your own home.

Vital rest and care for clients and caretakers

  • The small hours are often the longest and can be daunting when you’re worried about being on your own. However, getting proper sleep is essential, especially in the following scenarios:

    • If you’ve experienced a fall
    • You are recovering from illness
    • You’re recuperating from a trip to the hospital

    Feel confident and secure by allowing us to take over for a while. Our friendly overnight CareAngels are there to give you the care you need.

  • In addition, we offer caregivers a chance to get rest and a much-needed mental and physical boost. It’s hard to take time for yourself in between the daily demands of care-giving. But why not take a break by using our overnight care service? With our CareAngels, you can rest assured that a skilled professional is providing excellent care.

    By sharing the load, everyone can be at their best to continue providing quality care.

Quality care from skilled carers – at home

Because of our values and friendly CareAngels, at all times you can expect:

  • Compassion
  • Courtesy
  • Kindness

While this helps to put you at ease, you can also have peace of mind about receiving quality care. Our trained carers can assist with tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Administering medications
  • Assisting with trips to the bathroom
  • Providing the help you need for a comfortable night

Benefits of overnight care

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    Assistance: Support during the night

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    Sharing the load: Respite and a good night’s sleep

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    Comfort: Reassurance and peace of mind

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    Rest and routines

What do our clients say?


We are very pleased with the progress being made. Mum is looking a lot better, and it is so nice to see her up and dressed in the morning, looking ready for the day.” Elderly personal care overnight client.

“As a daughter who has my own health problems, living with and providing the majority of mum’s care, I needed reliable daily support with personal care for mum and breaks…. the care team have worked very hard not just to assist mum with her everyday life, but to support and reassure me when difficulties have occurred, and these have been dealt with in a kind, considerate and dignified way.”

“…complete peace of mind that your loved one is living in total safety with highly trained carers in the comfort of their own home. Allowing them to live out their lives with the choice, independence and the dignity they deserve…”

Overnight Care Hours

We’ll create a care plan that works for your schedule and needs:

  • Starting times: Any time from 7pm to 10pm.
  • Duration of stay: Between 9 and 12 hours.

Stay Awake Service – There for you at night

A popular overnight care service is our ‘Stay Awake’ option. We designed it especially to facilitate personal care for clients, who require help several times during the night. Carers who are there for you during the day can get a welcome break, while having peace of mind about your wellbeing.

With the ‘Stay Awake’ service:

  • Carers come to your home.
  • Your CareAngel arrives rested, after having a full day’s sleep.
  • They help you get comfortable for your night time rest.
  • The carer will tend to your personal needs by your bedside.

Note: For this service, please provide an armchair and position it close to the client.

What will Overnight Care cost?

Because we offer custom care plans, we can integrate with our other services and adapt hours to suit you. Your tailored care plan will determine the final costs, but the following serves as a general guideline:

Sleep in care:

  • 9 hours from £170
  • 12 hours from £210

‘Stay awake’ care service, usually between 7pm and 9am:

  • 9 hours from £195
  • 12 hours from £240

Contact us to discuss the specific cost of overnight care for your unique needs.

How it works

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    Get in Touch

    Either call, email or complete our online contact form and one of our helpful team members will assist you.

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    Free Assessment

    Your dedicated Care Assessor will visit at home or in hospital. This will be a free, no obligation initial assessment. We’ll discuss the level of care and frequency of visits you require, to create a personalised care plan.

  • 3

    Care Begins

    Once your care plan starts, we will continually assess and review it in consultation with you. On a continual basis, we’ll ensure it aligns with your expectations and needs.