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Our home care franchise gives you an opportunity to run your own business franchise. Every day, you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing you have improved people’s lives and that you are giving something back to the community.


The ageing population of the UK means that the value and the demand for home care and live-in care has increased and will continue to increase. We are essential to the maintainance of the overall health of the community, both now and in the future, making this a top franchise opportunity.


Home care is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, making this one of the best franchise opportunities. Our comprehensive approach includes technical and business franchise development support, and we provide everything you need to set up and grow a sustainable and profitable franchise.

Reward for your investment


Join our family here at Guardian Angel Carers and reap the rewards of providing compassionate care to your community. Our experience through our own business operations, and now with franchising, shows that the projections are achievable.

Please note that, although these financial projections are based on actual performance by the franchisor, we are unable to guarantee any level of financial achievement. Success will be significantly down to the individual franchisee performance and working to a successful business model.

Is a Guardian Angels Carers franchise for you?

1. Have you always wanted to run your own business but do not want to take the risk on your own?

2. Have your priorities changed and do you prefer a future where you can decide when to work according to your and your family’s schedule?

3. Are you an experienced professional in the health or care sector, or are you ex-military or have a legal or HR background?

4. Are you at the point in your career where you are looking for a new challenge, do you thrive on process and have a growth mindset?

5. Are you an existing business franchise owner looking to enter the growing & rewarding industry of home care?

6. Are you looking for a way to make a positive difference in your community?

Whatever your reason, we’ll guide you through every step of the journey in setting up your business franchise and joining the Guardian Angel Carers franchise family.

You will be guided every step of the way when you join one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors

You will become a part of the Guardian Angel Carers family, who has years of industry experience.

Your Business Franchise Performance Manager will support you and help you achieve your goals.

You will have access to comprehensive and ongoing training and development.

You will receive clear guidance regarding marketing, HR, finances, technology, and compliance

We are committed to the future success of your franchise.


Your personal Guardian Angel Carers Business Performance Manager will guide you as you set up your business. You will be able to access Guardian Angel industry experts, who will minimize your worries, help you make some of those difficult decisions, and reduce the risks of setting up a new business.


As a member of the Guardian Angel Carers franchise family, you will receive ongoing guidance and support from our team of experts. We are a team who have achieved outstanding success with the Care Quality Commission, and we have first-hand experience setting up and running a highly rewarding and profitable franchise business.


We are committed and focused on your growth and success, which means we will help you achieve your goals. We aim to enhance people’s quality of life for longer and this vision drives our research and our application of innovative technology which supports the ongoing development of the business model.

Davide Meterangelo

Here's what Farnham franchise owners say

Tim Corry & Alex Duncan

Tim says, “We’ve been given a lot of time by founder Christina Handasyde Dick. She’s supported us every step of the way – to do our figures, navigate the regulatory requirements and had us roll up our sleeves with team Guardian Angel Carers HQ to do our care training. It’s given us the fullest picture of what’s involved and what to expect.” Alex adds, “The Guardian Angel Carers way aligns very well with our backgrounds. Like them no-one will be doing anything that neither Tim nor I have. I’m energised, enthusiastic and informed – ready to make a new start with our Home Care Farnham franchise”

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Complete this form to register your intrest in joining the Guardian Angel Carers family.

I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and agree to how we store data