Overnight Care

Uniquely tailored care in
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Our care never stops. Our overnight home care for the elderly and home care clients offers a reassuring service providing the ease of someone you can trust to be there for you at night, whilst enabling you to stay in the sanctuary of your home, in the comfort of your own bed.

Overnight Care To Suit Your Sleep Patterns

Our CareAngels are both owls and larks, able to offer in home and elderly personal care so you can sleep well at night.

You, and your family, may simply want sleep-in carers who can help you to get organised, and then on with your day the next morning. They will stay and sleep overnight, nearby.

Or you may require our ‘stay awake’ bedside overnight care for elderly services because of a fall, or you’re recuperating from a hospital visit. Our CareAngels know what to do and are skilled at all types of personal care for seniors and adults.

If you live with a condition that necessitates regular assistance during the night, our CareAngels can get you comfy. Whatever your care needs, our personal in home care can adapt to you, and support you to stay at home, sleeping in your own bed.

Sometimes, a family member or a live-in CareAngel will need a break too, so our overnight care can be used to help everyone get the benefit of a good and refreshing night’s sleep.

Getting Some Proper Overnight Care Rest

The small hours are often the longest and can feel a struggle when you’re worried about being on your own.

Using our night time care for elderly and home care clients is a great way to wipe away those worries. Our sleep-in carers will come in each evening to join you, to offer some CareAngel company over a late-night cuppa, and a chat, plus make your home feel cosy.

You can then relax and get settled in for a sound night’s sleep, whilst your CareAngel will be in a nearby room, connected via our discrete care technology, on hand should you need support during the night. And, in the morning our sleep in carers are there for you to help get you up and ready, feeling fresh for the day ahead.

“We are very pleased with the progress being made. Mum is looking a lot better, and it is so nice to see her up and dressed in the morning, looking ready for the day.” Elderly personal care overnight client.

A Well-Earned Break From Overnight Home Care For Elderly And Caregiver Duties

You may be feeling guilty that your care needs are keeping others from sleep. Or you give night time care for elderly relatives, and need a break but worry about leaving them in hands as good as yours.

Our overnight home care service, offers caregivers a chance to get some rest and much-needed sleep, knowing that our compassionate, diligent and skilled CareAngels are on hand to look after you.

We know it can be hard to take the time when juggling the daily demands of care-giving. But, our overnight home care for the elderly and home care clients can make such a difference to wellbeing and give a much-needed mental and physical boost.

And, you can be confident and feel secure that our friendly overnight CareAngels are there to give you the care you need and share the load so that everyone can keep doing what they want to do at their best – care for you.

“As a daughter who has my own health problems, living with and providing the majority of mum’s care, I needed reliable daily support with personal care for mum and breaks…. the care team have worked very hard not just to assist mum with her everyday life, but to support and reassure me when difficulties have occurred, and these have been dealt with in a kind, considerate and dignified way.”

Benefits of overnight care:

  • When a person needs support during the night, to provide respite and a good night’s sleep for a primary carer (whether that is a partner, family member or live in carer).
  • To provide reassurance and peace of mind to a person who is feeling vulnerable and anxious at being alone overnight. This can often be the case following a fall, or hospital visit.

Our night CareAngels can commence any time from 7pm to 10pm, and stay with you for 9, 10, 11 or 12 hours.

No Need To Stay Awake With Personal Overnight Home Care

For those heading to bed with progressive or continual care needs, our CareAngels can be by your side to provide our ‘stay awake’ overnight home care and offer personal in home care. It’s a service designed to facilitate personal care for seniors and home care clients, who require help several times during the night.

Your CareAngel will arrive having had a full day’s sleep so that when they come to your home, they will be ready to help you get comfortable for your night time rest. Staying fresh and awake throughout the night, our CareAngels tend to your personal in home care needs by your bedside.

From a glass of water to routinely turning you in your bed to make you comfortable, our skilled and thoughtful CareAngels provide overnight care for elderly and home care clients with compassion, courtesy and kindness.

Note: During our Stay Awake elderly personal care and home care service, an armchair for the CareAngel should be provided, placed close to the client.

“…complete peace of mind that your loved one is living in total safety with highly trained carers in the comfort of their own home. Allowing them to live out their lives with the choice, independence and the dignity they deserve…”

A Restful Night With Overnight Care Home Help

Our personal care for seniors and home care clients offers you the comfort of a CareAngel by your side, who can administer medications, assist with trips to the bathroom, and make sure you get the help you need for a comfortable night.

Overnight home care for the elderly and other home care clients is a vital part of our CareAngel work, that helps those who are vulnerable to maintain their routines, get the rest they need, and to relax and sleep knowing our CareAngels are on hand.

A Better Night’s Sleep – Elderly Personal Care And Overnight Home Care Needs

Our overnight care is there to help you get the benefits that a good sleep brings. It is vital to our overall health and wellbeing, creating time for your mind and body to heal and recharge.

If you’ve experienced a fall, are recovering from illness or recuperating from a trip to the hospital, sleep is more important still. Our CareAngels can offer night time care for elderly and home care clients that gives you the confidence that you can get the rest you need, and the help you need to get back to your daily routines quickly.

The Cost Of Overnight Care At Home

Our overnight home care for the elderly and home care clients can be integrated within your visiting care and live-in care services with us or provided stand-alone as an ongoing or one-off service.

The cost of overnight care for our sleep in carers or ‘stay awake’ services generally covers the hours between 7 pm and 9 am. But because we offer personal care for seniors and adults with complex care needs alike, we can adapt to suit the hours you wish to keep.

Our cost of overnight care at home UK services vary by individual needs, but broadly can be split as follows, cost of overnight care at home UK sleep in care service:

  • 9 hours from £170
  • 12 hours from £210
  • Cost of overnight care at home UK ‘stay awake' care service
  • 9 hours from £195
  • 12 hours from £240

Do feel free to as us about what your specific cost of overnight care at home UK services would be for you.

And, whether you want to give a CareAngel, spouse or family member a break, or need more extended support, our wonderful CareAngels can be by your side to help you to relax, rest and sleep safely and comfortably at home.


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