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domestic care services around the house

Domestic Care Services Around The House

A domestic care service keeping on top of domestic chores at any time of life can be a challenge. For those who are frail, have mobility issues, or more complex care needs, keeping your home spick and span can be more demanding still. Our home help for the elderly and home care clients is a great way to help you lighten the load.

“… extremely helpful, they go “the extra mile”. They help make a difficult period of an independent person’s life much easier to handle.”

feel good about home help

Feel Good About Home Help

A tidy and clean home significantly improves our sense of wellbeing, so getting our CareAngels in to help is like a breath of fresh air. We believe that our home help services for the elderly and our home care clients are crucial in enabling them to live healthy and fulfilled lives at home. It’s why no task is too small.

Our domestic care services get to those nooks and crannies you can’t reach, make laundry a breeze, and crisp work of ironing shirts. We can even help you to declutter those bits and bobs you’ve been meaning to sort.

Likewise, we can provide our elderly assistance and home care support to get your shopping, put it tidily away, and prepare you freshly cooked meals. Our home help CareAngels, can even feed your cat, and walk your dog (yes, we love to care for your pets too!).

home help your way

Home Help Your Way

We know that our home help for elderly and home care clients makes a big difference. And, we know you like things to be done the way you do them. It’s your home. So, our CareAngels home help service team makes sure they get to know your routines and housekeeping methods when they first visit.

We fit in with you, which is why our home care help for elderly, and other home care clients, is quickly adopted into your household routines. You can also use our home care services for the elderly when recuperating or need some respite when things get too much.

For many, our home care services for the elderly is the first step towards getting regular help and having someone else in their home. All our CareAngels are qualified, trained and DBS checked. You, and your family, can be confident that our home help services are safe, friendly, plus make your home sparkle.

we can help with

We Can Help With

Domestic Cleaning

domestic cleaning

Clothes Washing

clothes washing



Changing Bed Linen

changing bed linen

Dog Walking

dog walking

Cat Feeding + Litter Changes

cat feeding & litter changes





Meal Preparation

meal preperation
domestic care services for extra home comforts

Domestic Care Services For Extra Home Comforts

Our domestic care service for elderly and home care clients gets carried out with care, for your comfort. We listen and take notice of the small things our household help for seniors and home care clients enjoy about their homes.

Across our household help for seniors and home care clients, we stay focussed on keeping those comforts and adding extra touches to make you smile. Our visits brighten up your life at home with a vase of flowers on the table, your paper in the right place, and the cushions plumped. Our home care services for the elderly and home care clients are like our own families, so we take care of them that way.

And, when the work is done, our home care help for elderly service means your CareAngel can even stop for a friendly chat and a quick catch up over a cup of tea – clearing up before they go.

extra home help hands make light domestic care work

Extra Home Help Hands Make Light Domestic Care Work

For time-pressured families, our elderly domestic care service can take the burden off, so that you can all enjoy catching up rather than washing up.

We know your family will want you to have every comfort. So, our home help services for the elderly and home care clients give them the peace of mind that when they can’t be there, we can. You will have all you need to live well, and happily at home with all those everyday domestic tasks attended to for your ease.

Benefits and reasons for companionship support

  • Household domestic cleaning
  • Clothes washing
  • Ironing
  • Changing bed linen
  • Dog walking
  • Cat feeding and litter changes
  • Pet care
  • Decluttering
  • Shopping
  • Companionship
  • Meal preparation
  • Companionship can lift our mood, and outlook on life
  • Helps to keep the mind active, conversing and playing games
  • Provides respite and peace of mind for family carers
  • To drive and provide support for hospital & GP visits
  • Enjoy family events, and leave earlier than others if desired
  • Allows less mobile and non-drivers to enjoy old past times, such as theatre trips
light touch early care home help services for the elderly

Light Touch Early Care Home Help Services For The Elderly

Our household help for seniors is an ideal way to introduce light touch care help. Home care services for the elderly also provides a foundation from which you can get to know us, and us you, should your care needs increase.

Introducing home help for elderly clients has also proven to make any transition to visiting-care, overnight or live-in care considerably more comfortable. The routines and a good relationship is established so that you and your family feel confident and reassured with us by your side.

extra hands make light domestic care work

Extra Hands Make Light Domestic Care Work

Our home help for elderly and home care clients offers peace of mind. Your family can know that your home is kept fresh and clean and that someone is there for you to make your life easier.

Using our domestic home care services gives the elderly assistance at home to help live with ease at home.

making you at home with help for elderly and home care

Making You At Home With Home Help For Elderly And Home Care

Home help services for the elderly, and those needing more care, is a great way for you to maintain an independent lifestyle at home.

It not only provides some welcome help around the house, but also forms the start of a firm and trusted friendship with your incredible CareAngels. Indeed, you won’t know what you did without our home care help for elderly and home care service before. Contact our caring team today to discuss our domestic care service.

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