Cancer Care

Dealing with a Cancer diagnoses

When a person is worried about a possible symptom of cancer or when a person receives a cancer diagnosis, all sorts of emotions and worries can result. Stress is a natural reaction to this piece of news because cancer often changes lives in significant ways. At this time of need, Guardian Angel Carers can work with you to determine the best approach to home care, and we can provide you and your loved one with both practical and emotional support.

Over 200 different kinds of cancer exist, all forms of cancer involve the damaging growth of abnormal cells. These cancerous cells have the potential to grow, spread, and invade normal cells, no matter where in the body it begins. Prognosis of cancer can vary from excellent to devastating for both the person diagnosed with cancer and for family members and loved ones. Cancer treatments are carefully personalised, and the treatment process often involves a combination of surgery and radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and/or hormone therapy. Side effects of cancer treatment can sometimes be difficult too bear and difficult to witness.

Signs and symptoms

Early signs of cancer depend on the type and the severity of the cancer. General signs of cancer are difficult to specify, but many people describe feeling overwhelming tiredness or fatigue. As well, sudden or unexpected weight loss, unusual bleeding, pain, and fever may also be reported. Cancer can be chronic, which means that it is incurable and requires ongoing treatment over months or years. Home-based treatment is available for some forms of cancer, while others require access to cancer care facilities. Cancer care can be time-consuming and complicated, and our CareAngels can make sure that your loved one is able to coordinate and attend all of their important medical appointments. As well, a CareAngel is well-prepared to offer emotional support during moments that are particularly difficult to bear. All of our CareAngels understand how best to provide support for everyone affected.

Causes and explanations

To the dismay and confusion of many who desire clear explanations, most occurrences of cancer are difficult to attribute to a single, isolated cause. Damage to genes that build up over time cause cancer, but this damage can be explained by a variety of factors. Exposure to carcinogens, which are cancer-causing substances like tobacco or inhaled asbestos, as well as genetic and biological factors can all play a role in a cancer diagnosis. Some viruses and bacteria are cancer-causing, as well as some drugs and medicines. Even the radiation in X-rays and the sun’s ultraviolet radiation are linked to some forms of cancer.

Detection and treatment

The process of detecting cancer depends on the kind of cancer someone has, and many types of cancer are fortunately detectable by cancer screening. Sometimes, CT or MRI imaging is helpful when diagnosing cancer, as well as ultrasound examinations and endoscopic examinations. A biopsy often follows, when a medical professional is able to remove a cell sample for testing. Waiting for a diagnosis can be deeply anxiety-provoking; during this time, Guardian Angel Carers can step in to take care of household concerns and other tasks that might feel depleting.

Once a type of cancer is identified, treatment can begin, and at this stage, Guardian Angel Carers can also be of enormous help. Transportation to and from appointments as well as medication management are only two of the many daily concerns that we can help alleviate. When living with cancer feels burdensome, an CareAngel can take some of the weight of household concerns off of you and your loved ones so please contact us to learn more about the customised care Guardian Angel Carers can provide. Should your treatment require a stay in hospital Guardian Angel Carers can help with the readjustment to home life.