Dementia & Alzheimer's Care

Guardian Angel Carers employees are trained to the highest level of Dementia care

Though the biggest risk factor for dementia is the natural ageing process, dementia is not inevitable. When the factors of ageing do lead to dementia, the impact of the condition on individuals and their families and friends can be significant. Guardian Angel Carers offer a wide range of services that support both the person with dementia and the individuals who provide care who may also be in need of assistance.

Signs and symptoms

Dementia affects people in different ways and symptoms develop at varied rates. Because early symptoms of dementia can be easy to minimise as normal ageing or as a condition of daily life, doctors encourage anyone experiencing signs to make an appointment with their GP. For example, stress or a long day at work might easily explain the increased forgetfulness and changes in mood that actually signal something more concerning. If left untreated, symptoms of dementia can lead to more serious features of the condition more quickly.

Most often, memory loss is the earliest indication of dementia. Other early warning signs of dementia may include any of these symptoms:

  • remembering events from years ago more easily than recent ones
  • confusion in a familiar place
  • problems keeping track of personal belongings
  • forgetting to do routine household tasks
  • struggling to remember a name
  • other forms of cognitive impairment

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease, which is the loss of nerve cells without a known cause, and vascular dementia, which is the loss of brain function due to a series of small strokes, are perhaps the best known causes of dementia, but other health issues can also lead to the condition.

Early diagnosis and intervention offer many benefits that can assist a person coping with the challenges of dementia. For some people, a diagnosis can result in negative feelings like despair, anger, and sadness, but for many others, a diagnosis can bring a sense of relief. The knowledge that the communication problems and behavioural changes have a clear explanation can feel reassuring, and the start of treatment and customised care is often welcomed. Despite the potential for positive feelings, post-diagnosis, conversations about dementia care can be emotionally challenging, especially if they involve the discussion of end-of-life wishes. Rest assured that Guardian Angel Carers are experienced with such sensitive matters and can provide additional support when words seem difficult to manage.

Guardian Angel Carers are responsive to the changing personal needs of individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer’s, no matter what level of care the person may need at any given point. Whether a person merely desires a little help around the house with domestic chores and cleaning or more in-depth care from someone on an hourly or a live-in basis, Guardian Angel Carers are here to help. If a person is in the earliest stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, perhaps all that is necessary is a daily visit from a Guardian Angel Carer to ensure that all is well. Later stages of the condition may lead the person with dementia and his or her family to discuss more intensive care options with Guardian Angel Carers, all of which are available when the needs arise.

The changing circumstances that characterise dementia care are familiar spaces for Guardian Angel Carers. Our carers understand the challenges of living with dementia and the complicated nature of caring for someone who has the condition. We are trained to offer persons with dementia and their carers special provisions that support everyone involved. For example, Guardian Angel Carers can facilitate daily activities like shopping, meal preparation, and attending to medications and appointments. If needed, Guardian Angel Carers can also provide more personal care by supporting a bathing regimen, for example, and other hygiene-related concerns, while providing attentive companionship and physical and emotional support. Contact us to learn more about the customised care Guardian Angel Carers can provide

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