Home from Hospital

No matter the reason for a hospital stay, re-adjusting to home life can feel like a formidable challenge.

Recovery from a surgery or an injury can sometimes be a long and laborious process, and post-operative care can often take more time than expected. A hospital environment can be disorienting to some people, and hospital stays often require people to re-adapt to the home environment. Guardian Angel Carers are able to support this process and to assist with any effort to make the adjustment from hospital to home go as smoothly as possible.

Sometimes, in the most difficult circumstances, a hospital stay can inspire a state of hospital delirium, and the resulting confusion can impact a person’s confidence and cognitive health. As well, a person’s physical strength and stamina can suffer as a result of too much bedrest. Negative side effects like physical and mental decline have been documented, even if the hospital stay is brief. Medical professionals want their patients to move around as soon as possible after a procedure and to avoid a state of bedridden inactivity. Guardian Angel Carers understand this recommendation and can ensure that gentle exercise, both physical and mental, that encourages independence and overall health is part of your loved one’s regular schedule upon their return home.

The repetitive nature of life in a hospital ward can feel stressful in its tedium to some people while to others, the predictability is a comfort. For either group, a return to complete independence might be a jarring experience. Guardian Angel Carers are here to help when you or your loved one needs to make the transition from full-time medical care to home residency.

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