Joint Replacement

Making the decision for joint replacement

The process of deciding to pursue joint replacement can be a long process that begins with a persistent ache or an unrelenting feeling of stiffness or tenderness that is characteristic of arthritis, a degenerative disease that can be painful to endure. In other situations, a joint replacement is the eventual outcome of an underlying condition like a fracture. Guardian Angel Carers understand how frustrating it can be to experience limited movement and chronic pain as well as other aspects of joint problems.

Arthritis often leads to joint replacement

There are many different types of arthritic disease. Swelling around joints, tenderness and pain as well as a sensation of warmth and stiffness can be early indications of rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis and gout, conditions that sometimes lead to an eventual joint replacement. The fatigue that also characterises rheumatoid arthritis can complicate the painful experience of the disease, making the accomplishment of even the most simple task a challenge.

Sometimes, if a person is experiencing pain in the knee joint, the hip joint, or even the ankle, or the shoulder joint, surgery is required to alleviate the discomfort and restore mobility. Pain in the joints can be caused by different kinds of joint diseases like arthritis, and in the most severe cases of joint disease, joint replacement surgery is the best way to relieve pain and to make physical movement easier. Though joint replacement surgery can improve a person’s life significantly, it can also require a period of post-operative transition during which a person might feel even less independent and mobile than before the surgery. After a joint replacement, a person ideally will be able to build muscle strength and regain the confidence and independence that was previously compromised. Guardian Angel Carers can assist with this transition and help ensure that joint replacement surgery leads to an improved quality of life. Whether help around the house and garden are needed, or more personal attention to essential tasks like preparing meals, bathing and getting dressed, Guardian Angel Carers are here to provide friendly and reliable support.

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