Mobility And Frailty

Decreased mobility and frailty can be a natural consequence of ageing or the result of an illness, operation, accident, or fall

No matter the cause, decreased mobility and frailty can pose a significant worry to both the individual coping with the condition and his or her loved ones. Safety concerns become paramount as situations like navigating a once-familiar floor plan can suddenly feel like a new and confusing challenge. If you or your loved one feels that typical home features like a flight of stairs or a step are unexpectedly perilous, Guardian Angel Carers are here to help ensure that the comfortable environment of one’s own home continues to feel like a sanctuary.

Guardian Angel Carers understand that circumstances around mobility and frailty can vary from person to person and from situation to situation. As well, these kinds of situation can often improve suddenly and decline abruptly, depending on the day. Whether the support required is in the context of a quick and temporary fix through a regular daily visit from one of our CareAngels or for a longer-term period of time, Guardian Angel Carers are available to provide a feeling of security as well as practical assistance.

Guardian Angel Carers understand the importance of safety and comfort at every stage of life

Our culture of care is committed to working with every family on their individual needs and we can adapt to changing circumstances as they arise. Our care professionals will provide the physical support necessary to ensure optimal safety standards are met, providing peace of mind for family members and loved ones. Guardian Angel Carers are available to ensure that your loved one receives adequate assistance with daily tasks like getting dressed, tidying the house, and doing washing and drying as well as support in terms of medical care and medication management. Contact us to learn more about the customised care Guardian Angel Carers can provide.