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The Franchise Show Online

We’re excited to be exhibiting at The Franchise Show Online TODAY.  For more information and to register go to….

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Response to points-based immigration

To our dismay, the new points-based immigration system here in the UK is unlikely to prioritise the visa applications of…

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Nursing home - Home Care Service

The Benefits of Live-In Care

Live-in care is a deeply personalised approach to care that works for many families in the UK. A live-in carer…

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A Guide to Finding the Right Care

Finding the right care for your loved ones can feel daunting. Fortunately, varied care options exist for varied needs, but…

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Flower - Team

Is care the job for you?

Nurturer, giver, helper. A good listener, a supportive friend, a generous neighbour. If you feel like any of these words…

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Guardian Angel Carers Ltd. - Caregiver

The Importance of Keeping the Mind (and the Body) Active

Researchers who study the mind and its connection to health have spoken: the old saying that suggests “it’s all in…

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UT Southwestern Medical Center - Medicine

Life changing technology for the elderly

With every updated system and every upgraded device, many of us who choose to engage with technology are continuously amazed…

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Aged Care - Guardian Angel Carers Ltd.

Thoughts on Social Isolation & Loneliness

No matter the circumstances involved, loneliness is not an easy topic to address with someone for whom you care deeply….

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