Peace of Mind when family are so far away

When family live overseas

It is good to know there is someone you can trust to help.

Guardian Angel Carers started looking after Lynn’s mother, Stella, in February 2016.  Originally this was to ensure her medication was given as required, as she was getting a bit forgetful.  However, over the past 18 months Lynn has realised how important the visits are for her Mother’s good health and continued well-being.  “This has given me peace of mind knowing that not only her medication needs are being met, but also her personal hygiene is being maintained and her state of health observed” says Lynn.

“When I speak to my Mum each Sunday it is re-assuring to hear how content she is and how she enjoys her carers’ visits.  She speaks highly of them.  I certainly agree that the GA carers I have met have been professional and caring, and a credit to your organisation.”

Lynn lives in Australia, so it gives her confidence knowing there is the right support for her Mother in place, and a company that responds when needs change.