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8 Tips to Prepare for Home Care When an Elderly Relative is Not Ready for Care

Preparing for elderly care at home is a topic that is not always an easy one to discuss. Deciding on…

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Keeping Seniors Safe During a Thunderstorm

Here in West Sussex, we move from a level 3 heat health alert to new warnings of thunderstorms. After a…

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Top Tips During a Heatwave

A heatwave is on the way as the Met Office issue a Level 3 Heat Health Alert, with it potentially…

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The Benefits of Live-In Care

Live-in care is a deeply personalised approach to care that works for many families in the UK. A live-in carer…

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A Guide to Finding the Right Care

From home care to residential care, finding whats right for your loved ones can feel daunting. Fortunately, varied options exist…

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Is care the job for you?

Nurturer, giver, helper. A good listener, a supportive friend, a generous neighbour. If you feel like any of these words…

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Keeping the Mind and Body Active

It is important to keep the mind and body active as researchers who study the mind and its connection to…

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Life changing technology for the elderly

Giving you peace of mind Technology is a changing wold but a positive light as it can give you and…

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