Response to points-based immigration

To our dismay, the new points-based immigration system here in the UK is unlikely to prioritise the visa applications of current and future carers from abroad. We are saddened to read that the role of carer is considered “low skill” according to the terms of this new system. The language used to describe the new policy is particularly disappointing as we do not accept that our carers, nor any other caring professionals in the field, are “low skill” employees. 

In fact, our carers are some of the most highly-skilled workers imaginable. In a single day’s work, a Guardian Angel Carer assesses the emotional, physical, and psychological needs of a person whose health is compromised by illness, disability, or age. Undaunted by the many challenges a day’s work can bring, our Angels provide reliable support and warm companionship to our care recipients. Our carers are also excellent listeners, and they pay close attention to the needs and preferences of each individual with whom they come into contact. Just as importantly, they understand how to respond with sensitivity and respect. Our Angels have a remarkable capacity for compassion as well as a depth of emotional intelligence that enables them to do their jobs well. 

Excellent people skills within the context of an individual relationship are only the beginning; we also expect all of our carers to work cooperatively within a team context. Our Angels have excellent communication skills as well as solid interpersonal skills, which ensures smooth and seamless interactions with our families and with other carers. Social-emotional skills are in fact becoming more and more of a priority in today’s schools and businesses; this means that workers like our carers, who have the foundational skill set required to work with other people, are in fact becoming more and more valuable in today’s age of technology, contrary to the opinions inherent in this new immigration policy.  

Guardian Angel Carers, like carers all around the world, have open hearts and generous natures, and they are astute judges of character and situation. They think on their feet with open minds, which enables them to receive essential information that they can use to improve the lives of other people who are often disadvantaged by their situation in some way. The fact that the visa applications of current and future carers from abroad will not be prioritized concerns us. We value all of our carers for their exceptional skill set, and we hope that the authorities in charge will soon understand the importance of carers’ contributions to the lives of British families. In the meantime, we will continue to do our best to provide the high standard of care our families have come to expect from all of our Angels here at Guardian Angel Carers.

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