Care isn’t just for the elderly – working with chronic illness, mental health and disabilities

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Care isn’t just for the elderly – working with learning disabilities, mental health, disabilities, chronic illnesses and more

Not everyone considering home care does so later in life, in fact there are many reasons that someone might benefit from some extra help at any age. Equally, as a care agency we don’t just specialise in care for elderly either. Care is available from us for all who need it, whether that is working with mental health, disabilities, chronic illnesses or any other difficulty. Every individual is different, with their own story, personality and wishes, and that is important to us. Many people are unsure whether we can help with their situation, so we’ve put together our list of how we can help.

Care for chronic illnesses:

Diagnosis of a chronic illness can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can be useful to have a little bit of help at the start whilst adjusting to your new normal. We can help to introduce a new health care routine that suits you or even just give some assistance with household tasks. Whatever the challenge, Angel hands make light work!

Visits from our Guardian Angels can continue for as long as you like; indefinitely if that’s what is most helpful. Every diagnosis comes with its own trials and every person approaches them differently, we respect that. Having someone on hand to provide guidance and support can make all the difference in managing a chronic illness.

Care for mental health difficulties:

We take mental health every bit as seriously as physical health, as it should be. Fortunately, recent campaigning has led to increased social awareness which has meant that more and more people are feeling encouraged to reach out and ask for help. This help can be as simple as companionship, someone to talk to in times of loneliness or hardship. Or perhaps you would benefit from some help around the house, something that gives you more time to focus on yourself.

Care for physical disabilities:

A lot of our clients experience physical barriers that can get in the way of the things they’d like to do. Whether you’ve been managing a condition since birth or have recently experienced changes to your physical abilities, a carer has the potential to enrich your day to day living. With someone on hand to provide support you can get time back for the things that are important to you.

It’s not just about personal care. The presence of one of our Guardian Angels can also simplify the logistics of a big day out, providing transport and physical assistance giving you much less to think about. If you don’t see your circumstances here, don’t worry! We can still help as everything we do is personalised to you so please give us a call to find out what we can offer.

If you identify with any of the areas above and feel as though you may benefit from some personalised assistance, get in touch on 01784 611611 – we’d love to hear from you.