Companionship Services and Compassionate Care in Chichester

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Now more than ever, Guardian Angel Carers companionship services Chichester can provide you and your loved ones with social support as well as practical support. As the lockdown continues, here are some ways our team of CareAngels can help you make the most of your compassionate care visits. Whether we can facilitate a bit of fresh air and exercise or arrange for essentials to be delivered or collected, Guardian Angel Carers home care agency is here to meet your every need.

Spring is approaching – let’s go outside!

Residents of Chichester and its surrounding areas can enjoy an excess of natural beauty and many opportunities to take fresh air. Breathe easy with a CareAngel by your side as you enjoy some safe and mood-lifting exercise, or let us accompany you if you prefer to use a motorised walking aid or wheelchair.

According to UK government guidelines, we are all able to go outside for physical exercise in our local areas once a day. Though the term ‘local area’ is not a defined term, all of the places listed below are in the general vicinity of Chichester. If you aren’t sure how to interpret the term ‘local area,’ talk with your CareAngel or give us a ring at our Chichester branch for more information.

For all of us in the Chichester area, we have many parks, beaches, countryside walks and paved walks within reach. Here are few walks for you to explore with your CareAngel by your side. If you find you need transportation to reach your desired walk, all of our CareAngels have excellent driving records, so you can feel safe in their hands.

  • At the Chichester Marina, enjoy an easy walk that takes you just over a mile round-trip on tarmac. This walk can be extended to include Birdham Pool, where you will enjoy the sights and sounds of the boats in the marina as well as coastal views and a bird hide. Benches are available if you need to take a brief rest and a disabled toilet is also conveniently positioned. Mobility scooters and wheelchairs can travel easily around the marina at all times of year, but this walk is particularly ideal during the winter months when mud tends to interfere with other nearby walks and trails.
  • If you’re in town, you can start and finish a walk around the Chichester Canal at Hunston Bridge car park; if this car park is full, you can go up to the roundabout and turn down Foxbridge Drive to the Parish Council car park. The compacted stone path makes for easy walking, and your CareAngel will be on the lookout for the occasional bump. Enjoy peaceful views of the Chichester canal, different forms of wildlife, and lovely views of Chichester.
  • Another easy and lovely local countryside walk takes you down Centurion Way, a disused railway path in Chichester. You can pick up the trail on Westgate, near Bishop Luffa School, and walk in either direction, towards Chichester in one direction or towards Lavant in the other. Disabled toilets are available at a nearby Tesco on Cathedral Way, and you can take a rest on the benches at Hunters Way if you like.
  • If you are hoping for invigorating sea breezes and the mood-lifting sounds of sea birds, the West Wittering Beach Car park is open to locals in search of fresh air and a beach walk. Please ensure you have booked ahead of time or that you have a parking pass to avoid disappointment.

Need any essentials? We are here to help.

With companionship services from Guardian Angel Carers home care agency, help is never far away. Many residents of Chichester and the local area are enjoying delivery services as well as click and collect services from local stores, and our CareAngels can facilitate these processes for you. Our CareAngel companions will help you with healthy meal planning as you and your loved ones decide what belongs on your grocery list, as well as pick up any essential items, put your groceries away, and cook delicious and nutritious meals.

Supermarkets like Waitrose, Sainsburys, and Tesco and other essential businesses are inspected regularly to ensure that they are Covid-safe. And no one has forgotten furry friends and winged companions – even Pets at Home on Portfield Way in Chichester and Pets Corner on Bognor Road have click and collect services in place.

As well, all stores that are open for business during lockdown have installed adequate signage in place to let the public know what is needed to keep everyone safe. With these precautions in mind, you can send your CareAngel to collect your essentials with confidence. We are always happy to help, and when we must interact with others in the community, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your health and safety is our top priority.

Do you have any questions about how we can best support you during this challenging time? Please contact us directly and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to help.