Former pilots continue to soar with Guardian Angel Carers

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Former RAF and commercial pilots Tim Corry and Alex Duncan are continuing to soar as home care franchisees with Guardian Angel Carers.

Currently trading at over 400% of their targeted income – an incredible 19 months ahead of predictions, they are making a huge difference to the community they serve.

Using the processing, management and organisational skills they learned over the years in the military and aviation they have been able to make a successful transition into home care.

Tim and Alex are used to facing challenges and finding a way to tackle them with positivity. This, combined with their dedication, tenacity and sense of duty makes them a great fit for the franchise and the home care industry.

When asked what they believe is the secret to their success Tim says it is putting their care colleagues first.

He says there are two philosophies that are front and centre in their business: “Change the status quo in care so we’re not just doing what other people have done before” and “put people before profit.” This ethos comes from Guardian Angel Carers founder, Christina Handasyde Dick and runs through everything GAC do. The Guardian Angel Carers vision is to positively evolve care at home, supporting quality of life for longer.

Tim tells us “We do everything we can to build a happy, harmonious workforce. If we do this our care colleagues are able to give their all and that makes a real difference.”

Alex adds that they have been investing in their workforce by thinking of different ways to support the carers. “It does hit into the bottom line, but the bottom line is not everything as far as we’re concerned. The important thing is to have care colleagues who are happy to work here.”

Their success has not come without challenges, the biggest of which has been time management. Tim explains, “Everybody wants your time and time evaporates so quickly.” They both recognise that they need to be able to say no sometimes, despite it going against their military ethos. Alex says, “We’ve always been good at prioritising, but being ex-services, you want to do everything and want to please everybody. Now we realise if we try to do that the business suffers.”

Reflecting on the high points of their journey so far both Tim and Alex recall moments when they and their team make a real difference. If his carers are ever having a tough time, Alex reminds them, “you do realise that every time you turn up and do a great job like you do, you save somebody’s life.”

For Tim, his high point is bringing people out of hospital and knowing what a difference that compassionate care can make to the quality of life for that person.

It goes without saying that this success comes from a lot of hard work. Beyond that Tim and Alex advise others considering becoming a Guardian Angel Carers franchisee “Whether you have one person or 30 people in the team, it’s all about dedicating yourself to the team.”

Tim and Alex are an inspiring example of what can be achieved as a Guardian Angel Carers franchisee. They praise the exemplary business and compliance support of the Guardian Angel Carers team and recognise that without it they couldn’t have achieved their growth.