Live in home Care: Havant

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Sometimes, the increasing needs of daily life can start to feel burdensome, and at this time, Guardian Angel Carers live in home care services may be just the relief you and your loved ones require. Here in the community of Havant and surrounding areas, our CareAngels are already looking forward to meeting you and your loved ones.

We know that most people in the UK prefer to continue living at home as independently as possible, rather than in residential care. Our live in home services are fully customisable, and our team of personable CareAngels are all highly trained to provide you with the care you need, when you need it.

Is live in home care an interesting option to you and your loved ones? Read on for more information about what makes our live in home care services so unique.

Our CareAngels deliver customised compassionate care, tailored to your specific needs and preferences

We understand that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to the best home care you and your loved ones can experience. For that reason, our bespoke live in home care services are an ideal solution after a hospital stay or as a respite to family carers or even as a natural progression of your current visiting care routine. Because our services are tailored to each individual and situation, we can respond quickly and sensitively to any changes in circumstance.

Our live in care services prioritise quality of life

Because our live in home care services include around-the-clock care, you and your loved ones can rest easy in the knowledge that support and companionship are right at your fingertips, from first thing in the morning to the moments just before bedtime. This comforting approach to home care allows your time and energy to be spent on the moments that matter the most. We take care of the household tasks as well as pet care and transportation needs, medication management, cooking, tidying, and even light outdoor garden work so you can enjoy yourself more whilst relaxing in the comfort of home.

We offer a comprehensive approach to care

Our CareAngels are highly trained in all matters to do with your safety and health as well as issues of your comfort and happiness. For example, we know that gardens continue to grow and need tending and that pets also need attention and care. We also know that communication with family members is an important consideration for loved ones, so we check in with them regularly. We strive to meet your every necessity with compassion and warmth, responding to medical needs and home care preferences as needed, putting to use the latest care solutions technology can offer.

Please feel free to contact a friendly member of our staff if you have any questions or if you are need any advice regarding our live in home care services or any other service we provide. Your local Guardian Angel Carers branch office is located in Apuldram, south of Chichester on Stockbridge Road, so stop by for a chat anytime.