Series 1: Purpose and fulfilment

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For GAC founder and former sailor Christina Handasyde Dick, the Olympic Games is always momentous, and always a time to reflect on the parallels between her experiences as an athlete and as an entrepreneur.

Not long after reaching number one in the World Sailing Rankings in 2007 and qualifying for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Christina set up the business that would become Guardian Angel Carers. She finds the same motivators – defined goals, meticulous planning, teamwork, hard work, competition, commitment – apply as much now as then.

With a target of doubling the number of Guardian Angel Carers franchisees by February 2022, Christina describes what it takes to run a successful care business.

Purpose and fulfilment

I find it so exciting seeing athletes around the time of the Olympics, knowing how hard they will have worked for this, and just how much they will be envisioning each and every moment to come. The training and the sacrifices are what give them purpose. Delivering their skills under the most intense pressure will give them fulfilment.

I’ve drawn on so many of my own experiences as a sportsperson since I established Guardian Angel Carers. Being awarded an outstanding rating by the CQC following the inspection in 2018 was a real high point so far. That was our equivalent of a ‘gold medal’. I guess there’s just something about winning that appeals to any competitive person! But more seriously, it’s the knowledge that this is the reward for all of those hours of preparation and hard work that have gone before. Whether it’s sport or business, nobody gets to the top without putting in the hours, many of them unseen.

Who is a good fit for Guardian Angel Carers franchise?

So when we are looking for franchisees who will be a good fit with Guardian Angel Carers , we make it clear that what we do is hard work – but you are in charge of your own destiny, and there will be rewards. I know that you will get real satisfaction, and genuine fulfilment – even if we can’t give out actual medals! But we will care for you, as much as you care for others. We’ll act as your coach, your mentor and your inspiration. It will be up to you to bring the motivation and focus. And your own ideas will always be encouraged and supported by us.

We recognise that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to care – or, in fact, to running a business – but the key is to consider what works for you as an individual, to have a focused and detailed plan, and to set ambitious, but realistic goals. The beauty of running your own business is that you shape things in your own way, adapting to circumstances.

All we want is to see you standing on that ‘podium’ in a few years’ time, having had the confidence to go out and put smiles on people’s faces by building a business in care.

Franchisee opportunities at Guardian Angel Carers

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