The Angel Awards 2020 – Congratulations and Thank You!

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Our Home Care Angel Awards 2020

Though 2020 has been a challenge to us all, our team of CareAngels have been working hard and keeping spirits lifted. We are happy to announce the winners of 2020’s home care Angel Awards 2020, all of which reflect the pride we have in all of our CareAngels who work tirelessly to serve our community.

The awards process involves nominations from team members of each branch of Guardian Angel Carers. From the list of nominations, the branch managers have the very challenging job of selecting the winners of the individual awards from the list of nominees. When faced with such a bounty of brilliant CareAngels, the final decisions were sure to have been difficult.

  • The Gabriel Award recognises exceptional skills when it comes to teamwork as well as an extraordinary willingness to go the extra mile for the benefit of the community.

  • The Raphael Award recognises fabulous positivity and a reliably upbeat attitude that inspires everyone and lifts everyone’s spirits.

  • The Samael Award recognises exceptional end of life care. At this particularly sensitive time in an individual’s life, tender compassion and endurance are essential, and this award demonstrates our appreciation of carers who excel at delivering end of life care.

Chichester & Fareham Angel Awards

In Chichester and Fareham, we celebrate Jan Christie and Lesley Messan, both of whom are this year’s recipients of the 2020 Gabriel Award

Jan was awarded the Gabriel Award in recognition of her tireless resilience when COVID-19 struck. She continued to care for a client at the highest level, uncomplainingly donning her PPE every day to give our client the support she needed at this time.

Lesley was awarded the Gabriel Award in recognition of her excellent communication skills, which enable her to stay in touch with all members of the Chichester team of CareAngels. She is always available to talk with other carers about their concerns, providing reassurance and solid advice when needed.

As well, in Chichester and Fareham, we celebrate Richard Fairbrass, whose tireless positivity has earned him 2020’s Raphael Award

Richard’s team agrees that his exceptional kindness and his caring attitude brings levity and lightness to his interactions with everyone. Also admirable is Richard’s ability to overcome a difficult time in his own life while continuing to deliver excellent care services and display his characteristic cheerful optimism.

  • We would also like to voice our appreciation of Theresa Prior, whose hard work warrants special mention and thanks.

Worthing Angel Awards

In Worthing, we celebrate Sharon Brown, who is Worthing’s 2020 recipient of the Gabriel Award

Sharon’s progress at Guardian Angel Carers has been remarkable, and, as this award attests, her hard work as a team leader has not gone unnoticed. Sharon delivers excellent care with a personal touch, going above and beyond whenever she sees an opportunity.

As well, in Worthing, we recognise Tara Hoadley, the recipient of the Raphael Award

Tara’s positive attitude and cooperative talents have earned her the Raphael Award. Tara’s extensive experience and wisdom enable her to share valuable insight with the other carers on her team. Tara is also able to manage her time with clients in a sensitive way. Her compassionate approach to working with others makes her a true role model.

Worthing’s recipient of the 2020 Samael Award is Tracey Beasley

Tracey’s uplifting sense of humor and her generosity of spirit have helped several clients and their family members when she delivered end of life care in 2020. She is always available to support and to offer advice to other CareAngels, and we appreciate everything Tracey has done to make a difficult time easier for everyone involved.

We would also like to voice our appreciation of Cheryl Bristow, whose tireless support has not gone unnoticed

Live-In Awards

In addition to the Chichester and Worthing winners, three Live-In CareAngels have also won awards in 2020. We are so happy to recognise the winners of the Gabriel, Raphael, and Samael Awards. All of these live-in carers have demonstrated exceptional attention to their clients.

The live-in Gabriel Award goes to Tracy Hammerschlag

Tracy’s upbeat attitude and positivity bring cheer to her teammates and her clients. She is always willing to support others, going out of her way to give a helping hand and to model the ropes for new carers on the team. Her enthusiasm for cooperation and her cheerfulness comes through in her voice and in her actions, and we are grateful for her presence on our team.

The live-in CareAngel winner of the Raphael Award is Maki Kamara

Maki’s positivity and her team-oriented mentality became evident when she joined Guardian Angel Carers last March, just as the UK entered lockdown. She stayed with a client for months, helping them cope with the difficulty of the lockdown, refusing a break until August, when Maki got married. Maki’s flexibility and positive attitude make her an ideal recipient of the Raphael Award.

Live-in Care-Angel Veronica Black is the winner of the Samael Award for end of life care

Ronnie’s compassion and strength whilst working with a client earned her the 2020 Samael Award for exceptional end of life care. Though Ronnie was new to end of life care, she persisted in her careful attention to all of our client’s needs, treating them with gentleness and consideration at every moment. Ronnie also supported the clients daughter throughout the night which also demonstrates Ronnie’s depth of sensitivity. Ronnie truly is a carer in every sense of the word.

Task Angel Awards

task angelsWe are happy to recognise two Task Angels who also won awards in 2020. These two representatives of our sister company are truly remarkable in their commitment and their work ethic, and we are so proud of them.

  • The 2020 Gabriel Award goes to Angela Lamb.

Angela has been with Task Angels for nearly six years, and her professionalism became apparent as soon as she started with us in February 2015. Her clients often voice appreciation for her excellent housekeeping and cooking skills and her high standards.

  • Task Angel Sophie Corbett is the recipient of this year’s Raphael Award.

Sophie has been with Task Angels since 2019, and her positive attitude has earned her the gratitude of her team members. As she goes on maternity leave, we acknowledge all of her hard work and her generosity of spirit.

Thank you to other members of our team!

Though the Angel Awards recognise the exceptional efforts and positive attitudes of individual members of our team, the awards could only go to a few. We are so proud of all of our CareAngels and everything they do to contribute to our efforts to support our local communities. We would also like to recognise the following individuals in addition to the award winners.

  • Andrew Benson, our accounts manager. Without Andrew’s hard work, we would never be able to stay organised. Thank you, Andrew for all you do to support both Task Angels and Guardian Angel Carers.

  • Christina Handasyde Dick, our managing director and tireless leader. Ksenia Koval reminds us that Christina’s efforts to ensure that all carers have sufficient and reliable PPE throughout the lockdown period and beyond are remarkable. Though Christina herself was under significant stress during the hardest days of the COVID-19 lockdown, she put the health and safety of her carers and her clients first.

Thank you to all of our CareAngels and Task Angels for everything you do!