The COVID-19 Vaccine and Other Safety Measures

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Since early December 2020, when the first COVID-19 vaccine was first approved by UK regulators, vaccinations for COVID-19 have been making our world safer and healthier. Both safe and effective, the vaccine is already taking effect on our national population and the populations of many countries around the world. While the effect of the vaccines on the pandemic at large is not yet clear, the vaccines have already demonstrated that they are certainly having a positive impact on everyone’s lives.

The news of the COVID-19 vaccine’s success offers everyone a measure of hope as lockdown restrictions begin to ease here in the southeast of England. We at Guardian Angel Carers would like to reassure our community by letting you know that we are continuing to take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our dedicated team of highly trained compassionate CareAngels as well as our home care clients and their loved ones. Here is a list of some of the more important measures we are taking to set your mind at ease and to look after everyone in our community.

  • All of the Guardian Angel Carers office staff and all of our team members have received their first vaccination, unless they have made the personal decision to refuse the vaccine. Approximately 75% of the entire Guardian Angel Carers company who have chosen to be vaccinated have received their second vaccinations.
  • Guardian Angel Carers has sourced a large inventory of essential protective personal equipment (PPE) to keep our team of CareAngels and all of our clients safe and healthy. We have Type 2 IIR face masks on hand as well as a supply of face shields, goggles, aprons, gloves, and protective suits. Our CareAngels will wear these items if anyone in their care has tested positive for COVID-19 or is displaying symptoms that indicate a possible infection.
  • As the pandemic has not yet resolved, testing continues to be of utmost importance, both in the care industry and elsewhere. As a result, Guardian Angel Carers runs weekly organisational COVID-19 testing for the whole company. Test results usually come back to us within 2 days, which enables us to respond swiftly to any changes in our staff members’ situations.
  • Guardian Angel Carers has implemented "Cell Working.” This approach to care services means that CareAngels see the same clients regularly, which reduces the risk of spreading infection and provides us with the opportunity to control and manage any infections should they take place. “Cell Working” has the added benefit of making our clients feel happier because they have the same carers on a regular basis with whom they can develop a rapport and a close friendship.
  • Here at Guardian Angel Carers, we prioritise the health of our team as well as the health of our clients. All of our colleagues have received Vitamin D tablets, and we take special care to keep everyone’s spirits up during special times of the year. This past Christmas, we delivered gifts to our CareAngels and office staff, and the Easter bunny delivered eggs to all of our colleagues just this past week.

As you can see, Guardian Angel Carers has implemented many changes since the start of the pandemic to keep our community safe and our spirits lifted. As a company, we are constantly responding to new information, and this responsiveness enables us to keep everyone as healthy and as safe as possible.

In March 2020, just over one year ago, Guardian Angel Carers set the goal to keep all of our clients and colleagues as safe as possible as our world entered unprecedented times thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to say that have achieved this goal with care and compassion, which is the Guardian Angel Carers way.