Why we love working in care

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Working as a carer is a job like no other. If you’re interested in a career where you can see the difference your work makes every single day then care work might just be the perfect choice for you. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite things about being a CareAngel

  1. The feel good factor – Working as a CareAngel can be one of the most rewarding ways to help your community. Our clients are always so grateful for the support that they receive and recognise just how important our work is. You can’t beat the satisfied feeling of knowing that you’ve helped put a smile on someone’s face. Domiciliary carers provide the opportunity for people to remain largely independent in their own homes instead of having to rely on family and friends whom have their own busy lives. Just knowing how much you matter to your clients goes a long way to providing that all important job satisfaction.
  2. Flexibility – The great thing about working in home care is how flexible it is. Whether you’d prefer to work part time, full time, nights or even as a Live-In CareAngel there’s work to fit in with your schedule. Most importantly, a contract can be agreed confirming guaranteed hours which means there will be no worries come pay day.
  3. Training and qualifications – When you’re working in healthcare, it’s very important to be properly trained for the responsibilities that you will be given and the challenges that you may face. Most care companies will facilitate training and there are different types of funding that can be accessed to assist with this. Qualifications such as a Health and Social Care Diploma / NVQ (which we offer at Guardian Angels) are nationally recognised and can be obtained whilst you work.
  4. Every day is different – Care visits aren’t always about preparing food or helping with personal hygiene. There are so many different services offered – you could be walking a dog one hour and then driving a client to a show or activity group in the next. At Guardian Angels we also offer domestic support and companionship so one of your jobs for the day could well be having a cup of tea and a chat with one of your clients.
  5. The people you meet – With such a diverse range of clients and colleagues, one of the best things about being a CareAngel is constantly meeting new, interesting people. A career in care gives you the chance to get to know individuals that you otherwise might not have come across. People of all ages with differing experiences and lots of stories to tell. There’s also the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge inside of a solid support structure of colleagues. There’s no substitute for working with those who have the benefit of years of knowledge and experience in the industry.
  6. The benefits – Depending on the company you work for, various perks and benefits may apply. This is certainly true of working for Guardian Angels! Not only do we ensure that our CareAngels are afforded paid holiday and pension contributions, we also provide paid travel and various other benefits. There is even a bonus scheme and a reward for referring a like-minded friend for employment.
  7. Career progression – Apart from the aforementioned paid training there are also opportunities to further your career into more senior roles should that be appealing. From Senior Carer to Area Care Manager, you can receive all the skill development needed to get you to where you would like to be.

If you are caring, kind and compassionate by nature and you like what you’ve read, check out our Recruitment page for more information. We currently have some positions available and we’d love to meet you and share our passion for caring for our community.