Domestic & Companionship

Not ready for care?
How about some help with those hard to do chores at home

Domestic support

Domestic support is a wonderful way to start the journey of receiving a little support in the comfort of home.  Our team can assist with a number of tasks around the house, and will greet you with a friendly smile.  Our team are qualified carers too, so if some additional care and support are required, a seamless transition with a friendly face can be arranged.

We can help with:

Domestic cleaning

Clothes Washing


Changing bed linen

Dog walking

Cat feeding + Litter changes



Meal preperation


We were born as relational beings, so a friendly face, and good old chat can brighten the day, especially for those without easy access to transport and/or with mobility challenges.  In addition, we can provide escorted outings, whether a social outing to keep up with a hobby, enjoy a change of scenery, cafe or restaurant, as well as trips to healthcare professionals.  We have even accompanied clients to family weddings and occasions, meaning they are free to leave at times that best suit them, perhaps leaving other family members to dance away til dawn.

Companionship visits can also provide much needed rest breaks for family carers, meaning they can leave a loved one with peace of mind they are in safe hands.  If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please get in touch and we will happily assist.

Benefits and reasons for companionship support

  • Companionship can lift our mood, and outlook on life
  • Helps to keep the mind active, conversing and playing games
  • Provides respite and peace of mind for family carers
  • To drive and provide support for hospital & GP visits
  • Enjoy family events, and leave earlier than others if desired
  • Allows less mobile and non-drivers to enjoy old past times, such as theatre trips