Task Angels

Help with those hard to do chores at home

We often find pride prevents those who could do with extra help from accepting assistance.  There appears to be a perceived stigma to accepting care.  Yet as sons and daughters we recognise when our parents aren’t coping in the same way they used to.  From experience, we have found some clients are more receptive to extra help around the house.  Our sister company, Task Angels, offers domestic support, and is a great first port of call to getting your loved ones a little extra support.  The unique element of choosing Task Angels, is our team of Angels have a good understanding of when more support is needed, and will feedback to Angel HQ, where we can help make the seamless transition to Guardian Angel Carers as and when the need arises.

What can our Task Angels help with:

  • Domestic cleaning

  • Washing

  • Changing bed linen

  • Decluttering

  • Ironing

  • Window cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Gardening

Benefits of using Task Angels:

  • 1. Contact Us

    We will listen to your needs & discuss potential support options

  • 2. Home Assessment

    A member of our team will visit you at home for a no obligation initial meeting

  • 3. Angel commences

    We will pair you with one of our friendly Angels who will visit each week

  • 4. Easy access to extra support

    We will ensure you receive the highest quality service & adapt to your needs

Please note: you will be paired with a single Angel, however, when your Angel is ill or on holiday we will offer you a replacement, which you may accept or decline.


“Sally is really great, we would really struggle without her.”

Deane, Chichester

“I was delighted with the work of Task Angels, the house was spotless. Even the Estate Agent remarked on what a good job they had done, resulting in our getting our full deposit back"

End of Tenancy, Tangmere

“Thanks again, could not have managed without Task Angels…Incredible Clean!!”.

House Organising, Southampton

“Jon and I are delighted with Villy and Julie! They are both a complete delight to have around. Making for a very happy Tuesday!!”

Sheila & Jon, Dell Quay

“Super job done by your Angels, we were extremely grateful that they were willing to stay much longer than expected to make our moving in day much easier”.

Matt, Southampton

“Your Angel not only did a wonderful job, but she sped through the ironing and still kept up a really high standard”.

Ironing Client, Tangmere

“Your Angels did an amazing job on the barn, I honestly couldn’t find any area’s that had been missed”.

Client, Chichester