Case Study

Peace of Mind at the Touch of a Button!

Jack (96) and Joan (95), who live in Chichester, were some of the first people to take advantage of the Peace of Mind scheme after their son wanted extra reassurance that they had the help and support they needed.  “I was recently taken into hospital and don’t like leaving my husband alone, and so this offers me extra reassurance too” says Joan.  Their son lives in Suffolk so can’t reach them quickly if there’s an emergency.  “My son feels far more confident and reassured knowing Guardian Angel Carers are near by.  Although we have very good friends close by, we don’t want to rely upon their good nature, and so this gives us the extra support we need.

24/7 help at the press of a button

Our lifeline pendant can be discreetly worn on your wrist (like a watch) or can hang around your neck. It’s only small, but has a button that you can press if you need help. We can then speak to you through a unit that’s connected to your landline to make sure that you’re okay and get you help when you need it. You can even continue to wear it in the bath or shower. The pendant connects to our 24 hour monitoring centre in Chichester, where our highly trained staff can offer you friendly support. As a council, we have been running Chichester Careline for over 30 years, helping people to continue to live independently inside and outside the home.

Guardian Angel Carers in partnership with Chichester Careline

We’ve partnered with Guardian Angels, because they are a local company who have a passion for caring for people. Their highly trained staff will visit you on a weekly basis

and provide both companionship and care – depending on what you need. It could be

as simple as dropping in for a cup of tea and a chat, through to helping you to have a

shower or bath. Guardian Angels offers care from one hour, to around the clock care, and

so the service is totally designed to suit your personal needs. Plus, once you have this support, it means that if you need to increase it in the future it is really easy to adjust. Guardian Angel Carers are quality assured by the Care Quality Commission, UK Home Care Association and the Live-In Care Information Hub.