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Live-In Care Lincoln & Newark

The Peace of Mind of Live-in Care Support throughout Lincoln and Newark

Live-in care is structured around your wishes and means a qualified carer lives with you and provides assistance, companionship and help as and when needed, with pre-agreed rest times and periods when you wish to enjoy your personal space or private time with your loved ones.

With 97% of people in need of care stating a strong preference to remain in the comfort of their homes, live-in care offers a solution, delivering hands-on, respectful support without any need to change your routine, move into a care home or give up the hobbies and social groups you enjoy.

Bespoke, Private Live-in Care

Lincoln and Newark

Our local CareAngels provide fantastic support, each holding a professional care qualification and we even have specialist carers available who can help with more complex needs, including care for couples who wish to remain together at home.

Having a trusted carer who knows your likes and dislikes, which tasks you would prefer to do independently, and when companionship makes all the difference to your day can profoundly impact your quality of life while often being more cost-effective than relocating to a permanent residential care facility.

Making Decisions About the Best Live-in Care Structure for You

The Guardian Angel Care coordinators will always meet in person with any individual or family interested in live-in care to discuss how this should work and the right way to organise ongoing live-in care or short-term respite care to meet your needs.

Part of the process is creating a personalised care plan, which sets out all the essential guidelines your live-in carer will refer to, including your wishes in terms of privacy and where you would prefer help and support.

Care plans commonly cover a broad range of areas, such as:

  • Stipulations for medication reminders, the times of day or night you require mobility assistance, and activities or clubs you would like help to attend.
  • Mealtime arrangements, including timings, preferred dishes, favourite meals and whether you’d like your carer to prepare your meals or wish to retain independence around cooking.
  • Times when you would like to spend quality time with visitors or family members and when you feel the warm companionship of your carer would be welcome.

Of course, care plans can and do change, and you can let us or your live-in carer know at any point if you would like to make adjustments.

Help with personal and practical tasks:

Practical Live in Care

Having a capable, positive and friendly live-in carer means every need is taken care of, from helping get in and out of bed, travel to the local shops, care for your pets and plants, or keep your home clean, tidy, fresh and organised.

Respectful Personal Care

All our live-in carers are qualified professionals and can assist with medication preparation and reminders, bathing, washing, dressing and grooming – ensuring you feel your best and have help where you need it while the assurance of privacy when you don’t.

Companionship and Support

A live-in carer works within your Lincoln home, which means you are never alone. This can be hugely important for people who experience loneliness or find it difficult to leave home without help.

Live-in care recipients might like to have a listening ear while they catch up on TV programmes, relax in the evening or enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast.

Selecting the Right Live-in Care for You and Your Family

Choosing live-in care services can be complex, and it is essential that you or your loved one is comfortable with the level of help available and is actively involved in deciding how live-in care will best protect their independence and right to remain at home.

We offer a complete range of live-in care assistance from respite and convalescence care while you recover from a hospital stay, long-term care for individuals and families, and compassionate palliative care for those requiring attentive support.

For more information, you are welcome to contact the Lincoln and Newark branch of Guardian Angel Carers or arrange a good time to pop in for a chat with one of our team.

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3. Care begins

Once help or care is in place we will continually monitor and review this situation to make sure you are receiving the care you need.

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