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Live In Care Cardiff

Specialist Cardiff Live In Care Services

The Cardiff live-in care team at Guardian Angel Carers appreciate that living at home, remaining independent and avoiding the upheaval of needing to relocate into residential care is an ideal outcome for so many local people and families.

Our live-in care service matches each Cardiff individual or couple carefully with a capable, skilled and qualified carer, with bespoke care planning to ensure we deliver exactly the help you need.

Live In Care Solutions for Cardiff

Organising Live In Care Services

When we organise a new live in care provision around Cardiff, our key priority is to listen. That means we understand your preferences and wishes and what the ideal care would look like from your perspective.

Guardian Angel Carers ensures our live-in care clients feel safe, supported and respected, upholding your right to sleep, eat, socialise and enjoy your favourite activities entirely as you wish, with the practical and companionship help you require structured around you.

Family-Feel Cardiff Live In Care

Personal care plans are intended to outline the basis on which our selected CareAngel will work. However, this can, of course, change if your needs, well-being or health adjust and impact the types of activities or personal care requirements you need assistance with.

We actively encourage our clients to share their boundaries and preferences with us, which might mean:

  • Preferring to eat alone, with family members, or with company from your carer.
  • Having allocated private spaces around the home.
  • Choosing to have a carer assist with certain tasks and not with others.

The local Cardiff team supports individuals, couples and families. We ensure we take the same respectful approach if you would like to save a space or specific time of the day to enjoy each other’s company.

Help with personal and practical tasks:

Getting Ready for the Day

Morning routines are often a time when clients would like help with dressing, washing, bathing and personal care – making sure you feel good and start the day in the right way. Your live-in care might be asked to wake you up at your preferred time, prepare coffee, tea or breakfast, or provide medication reminders first thing in the morning.

Making Daytime Plans

Live-in carers are on hand throughout the day, whether you’d like somebody to prepare each meal for you, need help cooking and shopping, or simply prefer to have a carer on hand to provide practical assistance meeting with friends, caring for pets or keeping your home neat and tidy.

Night-time Routines

In the evening, your carer can attend to any needs. They can run a warm bath, ensure you always have a good book to hand, help with dinner or evening schedules, or offer companionship to help you prepare for a restful night’s sleep – with the assurance that your live-in carer is nearby should you need them.

Personalised Cardiff Live In Care

Live-in care is structured entirely around your wishes, normally with a defined schedule so you know precisely when your live-in carer will arrive, where they will sleep, which tasks or chores they will help with, and how they will interact with you and your family.

Many clients value independence and may not necessarily want their carer to take over all daily routines – although others will prefer the option of relaxing without any need to manage cleaning, laundry, ironing, tidying and other household requirements.

For most, the value of a live-in carer isn’t solely practical – it means you never need to sacrifice the hobbies, social events and community groups you enjoy and have all the dedicated support you need to make autonomous decisions about your routine.

Guardian Angel Carers Cardiff offers a full range of live-in care over short or long-term periods and as respite for family caregivers, ranging from convalescence to palliative care.

Having a Cardiff live in CareAngel can make a considerable difference, helping you feel confident and able to maintain your routine, providing practical assistance around the home, and yet giving you the space you need to feel relaxed and comfortable within your property.

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