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Live In Care

The Peace of Mind of Live-in Care Support

Live-in care is a personalised, compassionate service that enables people and couples to remain at home, supported by capable, friendly carers who can assist with a broad range of tasks – without any disruption or changes to your routine.

Guardian Angel Carers match each live-in care recipient carefully with a CareAngel, or team of carers to ensure your needs are met while ensuring your personal space and preferences are respected.

Family-Feel Live in Care Across Fareham and Hampshire

Always at your side

Often chosen as an alternative to a residential care home, live-in care is adapted to you; there is no predefined schedule or structure, and you can share your wishes, likes and dislikes to inform the way we provide assistance and the types of tasks or areas we help with.

A familiar, warm, live-in carer acts as a continual source of support, company and practical assistance as and when you require them. Live-in care is often cost-effective for couples and families with complex personal care needs.

Defining Your Live in Care Routine

Your live-in care plan is crafted with attention to detail, and we appreciate that each person may have periods when they will benefit from a listening ear and companionship – and times when they will prefer to relax alone, with a partner, or with other friends and family members.

Comfort is key, with everybody involved encouraged to participate in care planning to give us as much information as possible about how you would like your live-in carer to support you. Care plans may cover the following:

  • Routines, personal care needs and medication reminders.
  • Morning, daytime and evening tasks and domiciliary care duties.
  • Help with caring for pets, attending social engagements and enjoying hobbies.
  • Meal time plans – whether you’d like your carer to prepare all your meals, only some, or provide help when you need it with cooking and grocery shopping.

Maintaining as much independence as you wish is important, and no detail is too small.

Help with personal and practical tasks:

Wake-Up Routines

In the morning, many live-in care recipients ask their carer for help with washing, dressing and other aspects of personal care, preparing breakfast and medications, and ensuring they wake up at the usual time with a perfectly brewed cup of tea. However you like to begin your day, your carer is there to help.

Daytime Care

During the day, your carer may be asked to help you with chores such as gardening, assist with travelling to meet-ups with friends and family, offer support during your hobbies, or keep you company at home while you relax.

Evening and Overnight Support

Having a live-in carer available overnight can provide a significant amount of reassurance. Your live-in carer is there to ensure you settle down safely for a cosy night’s sleep and to be on hand during the night should you need help.

High-Quality, Professional Live in Care

A live-in carer offers full autonomy over your care while ensuring you can remain at home, live on your own terms according to your schedule, and have the freedom to choose how you spend your time.

CareAngels offer a broad range of skills and specialisms and can help with short or long-term live-in care requirements, palliative and end-of-life assurance, respite care for family caregivers, and convalescence care as you or a loved one recovers from a hospital stay.

Please get in touch at any time to discuss live-in care, how the service works, and whether it may be the right solution for you or your relative to secure the help they need at home.

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