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Live In Care Reading

Tailored Live In Care Support in Reading

Choosing to organise live in care for yourself or a loved one is often seen as a preferable solution to a care home. It ensures that every care recipient can remain at home with professional support to protect their well-being and quality of life.

Guardian Angel Carers is an established team of expert carers. We provide live-in assistance based wholly on your wishes, preferences and need for support.

Live In Care Reading

Personalised Live In Care Planning

The key to live in care is that you have autonomy over your routines, the tasks your live-in carer manages on your behalf, and how you spend quality time with your family, friends and as a member of the local community.

We hand-select each live-in carer based on your requests or needs, delivering care on your terms and in the privacy and comfort of your home. Should your needs or health change, your live-in carer can be flexible and responsive and adapt your care plan as required.

Live In Care Reading
Live In Care Reading

Maintaining Independence With Live In Care

Each Reading live in care client creates a care plan, assisted by their loved ones and our care coordinators. A care plan acts as a roadmap where you specify how you would like your days and care to be structured and outline your likes, dislikes and any important details.

Living with dignity and independence is important at any stage of life, and you may wish to include details in your care plan that cover the following:

  • Morning wake-up routines, daytime activities and hobbies, and evening and overnight care support, including medication reminders.
  • Help with tasks around the home such as laundry, cleaning, pet care, cooking and offering assistance while you complete crafts or attend social events you enjoy.
  • Dedicated time and space for you to spend alone or with your nearest and dearest – and those times when you would prefer your live in carer to keep you company.

Daily needs may vary and depend entirely on the individual, and we do everything possible to cater to any requirement.

Help with personal and practical tasks:

Mealtimes and Routines

Live in carers are as light-touch and discreet or as involved as you need them to be and can help with grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking or take over the preparation of all of your meals from breakfast to your evening dinner.

Live In Care Reading
Live In Care Reading

Companionship Support

A warm, friendly, familiar face can make such a difference, particularly for care recipients living at home alone. Your Reading live in carer is always happy to have a chat over a pot of tea, join in with your favourite pastimes or simply ensure you spend quality time with your friends and family.

Specialist Care

Our specialist care teams offer sensitive live in care in various scenarios, ranging from palliative and end-of-life care to respect the wishes of those who prefer to remain at home, post-hospital care while recovering from an illness or injury, and respite care to provide family caregivers with time away.

Live In Care Reading

Reading Live In Care Built Around Your Needs

Quality care offers the support and help you may need to remain independent and to stay living in your Reading home, irrespective of the amount of practical assistance you might require on a day-to-day basis or whether you live alone, with a partner or with other family members.

From mobility assistance to preparing meals and medications, running a warm bath and accompanying you on your Reading days out, your live in carer is there to offer support – however best suits your needs.

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3. Care begins

Once help or care is in place we will continually monitor and review this situation to make sure you are receiving the care you need.


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Specialist Care

Our carers are trained and skilled. You can trust us to provide quality home care for a host of conditions.