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Apply For a Live In Care Job in the Banstead Area

Live-in care is a long-term, structured care service where an individual or family requires ongoing support and personalised assistance, normally with an assigned carer or care team staying in the home overnight, with private sleeping arrangements.

The nature of live-in care means that every position is different and adapted to the specific needs of the person, and depending on the care needs assessment in place.

In many cases, live-in care is a transition from visiting or overnight care where a dedicated care provision is necessary for the individual’s well-being, safety, comfort, and ability to remain living independently and with dignity in their own home.

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Requirements and Criteria for Banstead Live-In Care Roles

  • New live-in care positions that become open for applicants are advertised through our online recruitment portal, with details of the anticipated shift patterns, tasks and duties the appointed carer will need to undertake.

    Pay rates can vary from hourly or per-week structures, depending on the hours and types of care necessary to best support the individual.

    Working as a live-in carer is suited to experienced home care professionals with the skills, knowledge, compassion and dedication to deliver first-class support and take the time to get to know the person and their preferences.

    Live-in care posts tend to be long-term, to provide continuity and reliability, and to have a regular carer or team of carers delivering support and respectful assistance. The reassurance of a familiar face, a carer who knows the individual well and will go the extra mile to safeguard their wellbeing is vital.

  • The Guardian Angel Carers Banstead team recruits new candidates based on shared values and a focus on high quality in every aspect of the care we deliver.

    Our recruitment teams look for the following:

    • Applicants with the character and caring nature necessary to provide excellent care and the willingness to adapt and lend a hand, listening ear or reassurance wherever needed.
    • Patience, understanding and respect ensuring each client is supported in the ways they wish, with the right to set boundaries or routines.
    • Punctuality and reliability, proven communication abilities, and a calm, kind approach.

    Live-in care is unique and often means a carer forms a close bond with the people they support. Tasks can include cooking, companionship, personal care, domestic help, mobility assistance and other general help such as medication reminders or ensuring pets are well cared for.

Competitive Pay Rates and Progression for Live-In Carers

Role Pay & Benefits

The presence of a qualified live-in carer can make a remarkable impact on people and families in the Banstead and Purley community, and we recognise that longer shift patterns and overnight care require a special level of care, sensitivity and dedication.

Details of pay rates and specific requirements are included in all vacancy posts, but include:

  • Highly competitive rates of pay
  • Ongoing management support
  • Paid training and support with ongoing development
  • Complimentary breakdown cover
  • A workplace pension scheme paid holidays and mileage

Please review our live-in care positions for further details or contact Guardian Angel Carers Banstead to explore whether a post is a good fit for your skills and expectations.

Live-in carers receive:

  • Fully paid training
  • Free vehicle breakdown cover
  • Access to national discounts with a Blue Light Card
  • Professional certifications in Care and Manual Handling

You can apply for a live-in care job now for all available vacancies online or contact our live in care recruitment team for more information.

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