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Live In Care Banstead

Respectful Live In Care Banstead, Surrey

Live in care is structured, ongoing care organised in a way that best meets the needs, wishes and preferences of you or your loved one. Our qualified, capable and compassionate live in care teams deliver personalised care according to your requirements, ensuring every individual can remain safe, supported and cared for at home

Guardian Angel Carers in Banstead creates tailored care plans based on thorough consultations, ensuring we understand your routine, how we can add value and support, and the live-in care you would feel most comfortable with.

Live In Care Support Banstead

Live In Care – On Your Terms

Many people are unsure how live in care works in practical terms. The basics are that we select a professional carer who will often sleep in a designated private space or cover waking night shifts, depending on your needs. 

Our approach is to focus on supporting your right to independence and privacy while helping you follow your routine; eating, socialising, shopping and resting as and when you wish.

Creating a Personal Live In Care Plan

Your space, time and likes and dislikes are unique to you, and we create care plans with your input to establish guidelines our CareAngels will follow. They might include boundaries, activities you wish to complete independently, instructions around your favourite meals, or when you might benefit from companionship and a listening ear.

Each Banstead live in care client has autonomy over how and when we provide support, with detailed plans that consider the following:

  • Mealtimes, medication reminders and personal alone time.
  • Entertainment, company, and practical assistance.
  • Care for couples, individuals and support for family members.

We endeavour to cater to any requirement, respecting your personal space but being on hand as and when you need us.

Help with personal and practical tasks:

Morning Routines

Each Banstead live in carer will respond as you wish to help with your morning wake-up routine, including:

  • Help with dressing and personal care.
  • Preparing a nutritious breakfast and offering medication reminders.
  • Support around the home with bedding, laundry and cleaning.

If you’d simply like a fresh cup of coffee to begin the day or need hands-on help to feel your best, your live in carer will be happy to assist.

Daytime Live In Care

During each day, your carer will adapt to your routine and schedule, from keeping you company while you enjoy your favourite shows to spending time outdoors or heading to the shops. Your carer can prepare all your meals as you wish or provide help with cooking, grocery shopping and cleaning.

Evening and Overnight Services

When the evening comes, your carer remains available to help with bathing, relaxing before bedtime, and settling you comfortably into your room. Should you need help during the night, your carer is nearby and on hand to respond to any requests.

High-Quality Live In Care – In Your Banstead Home

Choosing live in care gives you access to independence, assistance and warm, capable support, ensuring you can live as you wish, maintain your schedule and enjoy your preferred pastimes and meals without interruption.

Tailored live in care means you play an active part in deciding what types of support would work best for you or your loved one, with a full range of home care services available from the multi-skilled Banstead CareAngels team.

Our live in care services include short-term and respite care, support for couples and individuals, palliative care, long-term live in care as an alternative to residential care, and post-hospital or post-operative support to help with recovery and rehabilitation.

Carefully matching a carer with your needs and personality ensures your appointed live in carer, or care team, is familiar, friendly and has an in-depth knowledge of your preferences, providing cost-effective care customised to you – whether you need support as a couple or need expert care assistance to help with complex needs.

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3. Care begins

Once help or care is in place we will continually monitor and review this situation to make sure you are receiving the care you need.


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