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A Warm Welcome to Tim Corry and Alex Duncan, the Newest Members of Our Franchise Family


25th November 2022

A Warm Welcome to Tim Corry and Alex Duncan, the Newest Members of Our Franchise Family

Founder Christina Handasyde-Dick built the Guardian Angel Carers business, headquartered in Chichester, on her personal values, and these same values have inspired new franchisees Tim Corry and Alex Duncan to do the same in their home community of Farnham. We offer Tim and Alex a warm welcome from all of us in the Guardian Angel Carers family.

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Tim and Alex’s new branch of Guardian Angel Carers in the historic market town of Farnham, located in the green Surrey Hills. Only an hour from London, Farnham boasts a wealth of culturally interesting sights and natural beauty. Here, our new franchisees Tim and Alex are already applying their energy and their natural enthusiasm for helping others to their roles as franchisees.


Tim and Alex became friends and colleagues while serving in the Royal Air Force in 2008, and they maintained their friendship when they both decided to enter careers as commercial pilots. Now, years later, Tim and Alex have joined forces to go into the rewarding business of home care, and we are sure that their shared sense of responsibility and their keen attention to detail will serve the Farnham community well. They are the first franchisees to sign up for 2021, and already, they have taken possession of exclusive Guardian Angel Carers home care territories in their area.

As Guardian Angel Carers franchisees, Tim and Alex enjoy the full support of Guardian Angel Carers founder Christina Handasyde-Dick as they set up their business in Farnham. From our headquarters in Chichester, we are able to provide Tim and Alex with all the information and support they need to launch their recession-proof home care business. With our successful business model at hand, Tim and Alex are well-positioned to enjoy home care success in the months and years to come. All franchisees receive helpful guidance regarding decision-making strategies and the high standards of care that make Guardian Angel Carers so renowned in the South East region of the UK.

Here at Guardian Angel Carers, we are celebrating Tim and Alex’s commitment to our highly rewarding home care industry and we look forward to sharing more about their accomplishments as they continue to work on establishing themselves in Farnham. Care has been designated as a top five area of growth in the UK, and as health and care demands increase, Tim and Alex’s contributions to the communities of Farnham and surrounding areas will only become more and more highly valued.

Interested in learning more about Guardian Angel Carers franchises? We are running webinar events through March and April so you can join us to learn more about owning your own franchise business in a rewarding field. Please contact us if you would like to join any of our webinars or if you have any questions about Guardian Angel Carers franchises.

If you have ever had an interest in running your business while serving your community, a Guardian Angel Carers franchise may be just the opportunity you are looking for. And to find out more about our Farnham branch click here to read all about them.


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