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Live In Care Farnham

Outstanding Quality Live-in Care Farnham

Remaining at home is almost always a preferable solution to relocating into full-time care when individuals, couples and families find that living alone becomes more challenging due to older age, health, or issues such as frailty or limited mobility.

The Guardian Angel Carers team in Farnham is passionate about the value of independence, living in familiar surroundings, retaining a consistent routine, connections within the community, and the option of continuing to care for much-loved pets – all with assistance from a qualified, capable live-in carer.

Live In Care Farnham

Home Help Customised to Your Wishes

We believe that expert home help should be as warm, kind and compassionate as it is practical – keeping the schedules and hobbies you enjoy while offering support, assistance and companionship as and when you wish.

There is never any expectation that you will alter your routine or forgo activities you love, whether cooking, gardening, movie nights, shopping or relaxing with a craft or a good book. Instead, your live-in carer works around you, providing assurance and supporting your right to autonomy over how you receive support.

Designing Your Farnham Live In Care Plan

Farnham Live in care is a one-on-one service designed to accommodate and respect every need, wish or preference. It can include care for people living alone, respite care for family caregivers and couples care.

Every detail matters, and we do everything possible to provide care that is as discrete or involved as suits you. You may, for example, decide that your care plan includes:

  • Designated spaces and times when you would prefer personal time or to relax with family and friends.
  • Activities and tasks you would like to complete independently but require your live-in care to be on hand to help out with.
  • Meal preparation plans. Your live-in carer can prepare every fresh meal for you, assist with cooking, or help with grocery shopping and planning your dishes for the week ahead.

Whatever your priorities we ensure these are incorporated into your care plan and actively encourage care recipients to share those important preferences that can make a world of difference.

Help with Personal and Practical Tasks:

Early Morning Live-in Care

When you first wake up, your live-in carer can greet you with a fresh pot of tea, help you get ready for the day with personal care, dressing and grooming, or give your home a clean, tidy and polish to ensure you begin each morning in a positive environment.

Daytime Live-in Care

Your days are yours to do as you wish, and your live-in carer is there to help. Whether you have an action-packed schedule full of social engagements, prefer to relax in the garden or in front of the fire, or want your carer to assist with pet care, they will be happy to help.

Evening and Overnight Live In Care

We appreciate that nights can be worrisome for care recipients and loved ones. A lived-in carer is there to provide friendship, company and comfort or simply to get your bedding ready and make sure your favourite book is waiting for you as you relax and wind down.

Customised Live In Care Farnham

The nature of live-in care means having a capable, qualified carer you can rely on to help with those tasks you specify without taking over or making any unwanted changes.

Having a live-in carer ensures that you never compromise on your plans and can depend on them to help you with activities, chores, tasks, domestic jobs, social engagements, hobbies and crafts as you would like while living in your home surrounded by the people and belongings you love the most.

The Farnham branch of Guardian Angel Carers provides a wide range of live-in care services, from palliative and end-of-life care to long-term live-in care and convalescence care to provide the best in hands-on support while recovering from a hospital stay.

Our local team carefully matches a live-in CareAngel to each person or couple, aligning interests and ensuring you benefit from cost-effective care entirely on your terms.

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3. Care begins

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Specialist Care

Our carers are trained and skilled. You can trust us to provide quality home care for a host of conditions.