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Mobility and Frailty Support

Mobility and frailty doesn’t have to take away someone’s independence

Decreased mobility and frailty can be a natural consequence of ageing or the result of an illness, operation, accident, or fall. No matter what your situation or needs, our skilled home carers can assist. Get the care and assistance you or a loved one needs, in the comfort of your home.

Short and long-term care available

We understand that circumstances around mobility and frailty vary from person to person. Also, a situation can often improve or decline abruptly, depending on the day.

Whether you need a quick and temporary fix or long-term support, Guardian Angel Carers are available. From occasional visits to live-in care, we can provide a feeling of security as well as practical assistance.

Feel good about help at home

Safe, secure and comfortable

No matter the cause, decreased mobility and frailty creates a challenging situation. It causes significant worry to patients and their loved ones, especially in terms of safety. A once-familiar floor plan can suddenly feel like a new and confusing challenge. Also, typical home features like a flight of stairs or a step are unexpectedly perilous.
With a CareAngel by your side, there’s someone to help navigate daily tasks and obstacles. We ensure the comfortable environment of one’s own home continues to feel like a sanctuary.

Why Guardian Angel Carers?


of care

Team of professionals

Trusted by the experts

Unique and personal service

Dedicated care manager

Timely and responsive

A complete solution

You deserve safety and comfort at every stage of life

Because of our culture of care, we commit to working with every family according to their individual needs.

We will adapt to your changing circumstances as they arise.

What can CareAngels help you with?

Our care professionals provide physical support that ensures the home environment meets optimal safety standards.

That’s how we provide peace of mind for family members and loved ones.

We tailor your care plan

Guardian Angel Carers can provide assistance with the following and more:

  • Daily personal hygiene tasks like getting dressed
  • Tidying the house
  • Washing and drying
  • Support in terms of medical care and medication management

We tailor your care plan according to your needs and will adjust as it becomes necessary.

Contact us to learn more about our customised care services.

Three easy steps to Guardian Angels Care

1. Get in Touch

Either call or email or use the simple form below, and one of our friendly care team will either chat to you or respond to your enquiry.

2. Free Assessment

We will work out the type and amount of help or care that is required. A dedicated care manager will visit you at home or hospital for a free no obligation initial assessment.

3. Care begins

Once help or care is in place we will continually monitor and review this situation to make sure you are receiving the care you need.

Home Care

Guardian Angel Carers is by your side whenever, and whatever, home care services you need.

Specialist Care

There are a wide range of conditions for which you may be requiring care at home.